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Holidays are over!

Finally the Holidays have past, and all the eating have been done :) . Monday officially starts triathlon training, and the new year brings new goals and objectives that are set to be crushed. So it’s time to take out my triathlon clothing, (or even buy new one), clean my trusty tri bike, Lightning, and jump to the pool back again!

I did a 5km and a half marathon race to see where I was standing. Well it seems that standing where I left before haha, which is good considering I haven’t been putting the time into training or being serious about it.  

In the offseason I had a lot of family visiting me for the end of the year. For starters I went to Atlanta and spent the Holidays over there. Atlanta compared to Miami, it was cold. Understand that for people in Miami, cold is like 60F / 15C. With Atlanta being in the lower 30F / 0C… feel my pain, and my aching! LOL. Had a good time with family and knowing a little of the city of Atlanta.

With my momma at CNN in Atlanta :)

Next weekend a group of friends and I are doing a 199 miles relay, but this is REALLY FUN! I did it 2 years ago, so I’m looking forward to it. Basically we are running from Miami to Key West non-stop. A team of 12 runners, each one covering a leg until we get there. My last team did it in 32 hours, let’s see how much we do this time! My running shoes are ready to have some FUN in the Ragnar Relay Series: Florida Keys! My team name’s is #Hashtag, so look for us in your favorite social media platform! LOL

The weekend after Ragnar, I’m finalizing the off season with A1A Marathon in Ft Lauderdale. I’m still debating if to do it or not, since the lack of training, so maybe dropping it to the half. My running shoes are not looking forward to this one! haha.

I wanted to post an update of where I am standing now, and remembering everyone that the offseason is to have fun, take it easy and being not so serious with your training. You body needs to recover of last year looong season, so it can be ready for when the next one comes in. :)


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The Fall

This past Tuesday I had scheduled a bike ride. We had to do bridge repeats which is part of the off-season training program to get stronger. Plus since we don’t have hills in Miami, we only have the William Powell Bridge in the MacArthur Causeway in Key Biscayne, Fl to do this kind of workouts for strength.  After warming up we proceeded to do the bridges. After climbing my 4th bridge I put myself on the aerobars and proceed to have an easy descent when suddenly I just remember ending up in the middle of the street, with sounds of screeching tires and car horns.

I fell from my bike. Certainly it was not my first time, but it was the worst of them all. The first fall from a bike occurred when I was learning how to ride a bike, back when maybe I was 5 or 6 years old (I know, a long time). But this is normal, right? After my dad took the trainer wheels out and push me to learn mounting properly. You fall and you get back up and try again. 

Most of my childhood memories revolve around a bike. My friends and I will spent most of our free time and vacations on it (or other wise playing Nintendo or football). We were careless. None of us will wear helmets… back home that’s pretty normal. We would race buses, jumps on lagoons of rain water and try not to fall, race each other, escape for the whole day and try to be home before dinner (or before our parents even noticed!), getting bitten by dogs and try to go down hills with them.

Back to the future. Back to when I learned how to clip in the bike. Those were the other times I kissed the pavement.  Maybe 2 or 3 times. Until I finally learned to balance and stop with bike cleats. Those were silly falls, the ones you are standing not even moving and you fall. Maybe a year later I fall while doing a turnaround… the mistake there was that I did it at high speed, instead of slowing down.

That day on the bridge, there were some little rocks. My peeps were trying to avoid them.  I finished climbing the bridge after passing my 2 teammates Ricky and Michi, and as I relaxed a bit, I put myself on the aerobars and proceed to have an easy descent. Going down the bridge on the aerobars is probably my favorite thing while riding on Key Biscayne. Most of the time I go easily at 30 mph while going down that bridge. While going down the bridge, my front tire hit a rock and I slide off my aerobars to the left and that was it. Bike in the air, maybe several 360’s, and at the end I was in the middle of the 2 lane causeway. Maybe instinctively I call upon my Kung-Fu Panda powers and  I break the fall. I only heard screeching tires and car horns, and when I noticed where I was from and my surroundings I instinctively jumped to the bike path were my bike was and away from harms way. Adrenaline kicking full force where I didn’t feel nothing. Two runners girls who saw the whole thing came quickly and started to ask if was alright. Michi saw the whole thing behind me and together with Ricky they stopped. On the other side of the bridge Javi and Coco stopped to see what happened. I didn’t feel anything, quickly started assessing the damage to my body and luckily was just scrapes. Helmet scratched, but head was ok, I stopped my Garmin, and the runner girl kept asking if I was fine. I think she was going to slap me and start asking if I knew in what year we were in or something. I think she had to do something medical, she check my back and started to ask if I felt pain. I said no.

My face while the girl was poking on me

Ricky said I was shaking, although I didn’t feel I was shaking at all. Put my bike in the walk path of the bridge and told my teammates to proceed with their workout and thanking them for stopping. I just felt really bad for messing the whole group workout session. They called coach and he was on his way to pick me up from the scene. The bike seemed fine but the hydration system in the back was cracked together with my water bottle. Coach picked me up and took me to my car. He helped me to see all the scrapes and clean them up.

Broken hydration system. And that shit is expensive!My fave shirt, and it was brand new!!!! :(

For 3 years I haven’t fall. I have close friends that have unfortunately fell and their falls go more that just blood and scrapes. Broken ribs, collar bones, muscles, and even close calls. My fall compared to theirs is nothing. I was very lucky the cars stopped and there were no maniacs speeding in the bridge (which is very common to find). For most of an experienced rider I can be, you never know when you can fall again. Am I afraid of falling again? Maybe a little. But that doesn’t mean that I will stay indoors in a trainer in the safety of my home.  No, because I love to be outside… I love to beat the sunrise in the morning and see the coming of the new day with my own eyes, I love the sound of the wind in my hair, I love the rain when it refreshes me in the hot summer days, I love to ride because there are people that can’t and I ride for them in their behalf, I love to ride because it reminds me of my childhood and when everything was just plain fun.

Just like my friend Ricky said, “just shake it off and hit it again!”.

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Team MaccaX Triathlon Camp Miami

So I have been looking forward this almost for the whole year. When it was announced that Chris McCormack will be doing Triathlon Camps under the umbrella of Team MaccaX, I was stocked. Imagine how I felt when the first ever camp was going to be here in my backyard… Miami.

Over the year I meet only 3 local members, Evelyn (part of the organizers of the camp), Kurt and Shawn. Probably the only ones with the uniform in the area. Now I could put voices to the faces I looked in Facebook or in the MaccaX forums avatars.

The duration of the camp was from Wednesday to Sunday leading to Miami Man triathlon, our local friendly half-iron race, which included an International distance. After doing Ironman Miami 70.3, I just signed up for the International Distance, and was looking forward to best my time from last year race.

So Wednesday was a meet and greet in the host hotel, where most people for the camp where staying. I meet one of the minds in charge of Team MaccaX, Aaron Franklin. Very nice and polite. I had the honor to work to help him do some stuff for the camp, like the camp t-shirt for the campers and the MaccaX tent that was going to dayview on MiamiMan race site on Sunday. Meet some people and saw the familiar faces of Evelyn and Kurt. The main guest, Macca, had almost a day flight coming from Sydney to Miami, so we would see him next day.

Day 1: Early breakfast at 6am. Meet some campers and finally the rockstar showed up. He said hi (one by one with a handshake) to everyone, and proceed to seat and enjoy breakfast. He came with one of the upcoming young pros Ben Hammond and talked to him a bit. Since I was not staying in the hotel (I live a 10 min drive from it) I proceed to check my gear and prepare to bike ride. At 7:30am we proceed to ride from the hotel to the Marriot to pick up some other campers staying there. Unfortunately, Macca’s bike wasn’t delivered yet, so he had to use Ben’s bike instead.

We where around 100 campers, and all of us proceed to ride to Tri Beach in Key Biscayne to start the activities of the camp. We started with some OWS sessions. Some warm up, and then the whole group was divided in 3. Aaron (Azza), Macca and Ben will take care of each group and then rotate. Each one explained and gave us tips on technique, sighting, swimming around buoys and board shorting.

OWS tips

Around 11am we jumped again on the bikes and went to Crandon Park. We practiced some running drills that Macca does consistently and after we went to run for a bit. We went to the picnic area, had a delicious catering lunch and then we had a presentation of one of Miami most inspiring person, Hector Picard. Hector is a local triathlete, and he did a presentation giving his life story and changing a flat tire… without hands. After an accident he lost his arms, and when you hear him speaking, is one of the most moving inspiring stories you will ever hear. Check out the video of him doing what he did in camp.

Hector Picard = INSPIRATION! 

After eating like a pig (at least me), we headed to Virgina Key for a little ride and then Ben explained us everything about bike fitting. There was a little Q&A, in which he answered one of my questions, about the pain I was having while pushing hard on the bike. He said that it could be the seat height on my bike. Went back to the hotel…. Day 1 finished.

While waiting for our food, Macca talks and everyone listens.

Day 2: Meet the team in the hotel ready to ride. Macca finally got his bike delivered and rode with us in his superb Specialized S-Works Shiv. Same route as Day 1 and started with some OWS. We practiced in and outs, board shorting skills from day 1, plus mass starts and getting out of the water.

Chris explaining transitions 

Unfortunately the day was rainy. We had scheduled a long ride but for safety cut it short. Macca and Ben demonstrated how to do fast transitions without losing time. After learning speeding transitions we went to Virginia Key and practiced them. We went back to the hotel. Later that day Macca had a presentation in Mack Cycle with the local triathlon community.

After successfully practicing transitions with Macca

Day 3: We had an easy run with Macca at 7am: one group did 3 miles and the other 6 miles. Came back to the hotel, hang out and went for breakfast. Afterwards the bikes were picked up in the hotel to be taken to the race site. There was a Q&A session with Chris. We finalized with a group picture in the rooftop of the hotel, and the rest of the day was to relax before race day.

Macca #1Q&ATeam Photo!!!Day 4: Race Day at Miami Man! (Full report coming soon). Macca raced the international distance and won 1st overall. Several podiums from team members! I finally got to see the tent I designed and it was AWESOME! Later on the day we went to dinner and later we went for drinks to celebrate the camp’s end. People unwind and SHIT GOT CRAZY! LOL.

The tent came out really nice!!! Me happy!

Overall the camp was a great experience. Chris McCormack is really a nice guy. He is like one of your best buddies (or “mates” like Australians would say) from your close group of friends. He always had a big smile and answered people questions without hesitation. People will ask to take a picture with him or sign stuff and he always would be available, and after taking a picture he would say “Too easy!”. He would always bust Ben balls and tell jokes of how “Manly” he was (inside joke here.). He told countless stories, not only of triathlon, but opinions of several topics… I wish I would have a video recorder to record those! Ben is a totally cool young Aussie Pro specialized in 70.3’s and with a bright future ahead. Although I worked with Azza on several stuff for the camp, this was the first time I met him in person. Great guy and always on top of the organization of the camp, and joking around too. Evelyn, the infamous one and probably the most beloved girl in the camp… as a local, helped Azza with the organization of the camp and being on top of things too. The people at the camp were great, everyone willing to learn something new and help each other. I think I came as a little quiet, but it’s because I was just SO TIRED! LOL. Recovering from Ironman 70.3 Miami took a toll longer than expected on me. It was an intense 4 day experience but had lots of laughs and learned a lot.

Macca Miami Teaser from Chris Cella on Vimeo.


The camp now is going to Phuket in Thailand in December, and next year will be another camp in the US West Coast and one in Europe. If you have a chance to go, please do so! By the way these camps are only for Team MaccaX Members, but in the long term they come cheaper than paying $5000 for a camp with another Pro triathlete. You can check out what are you missing at!!!



What would you do if you have the chance to train with a World Champion?

Last year in my flight to Hawaii I got to read “I’m Here to Win!” by Chris McCormack, or best known as Macca. The book got me super pumped as what to expect from Kona, and the book in a certain way is a rush of pure adrenaline. I’m a slow reader but I finished that book during my 10 hour flight. 

For the peeps who doesn't know who Chris McCormack is (for real, you live under a rock or something?) here are some of his credentials:

  • Won 76% of career events.
  • Finished on the podium 88% of the time.
  • Won 200+ races around the world since 1993.
  • 4x World Champion
  • Only person ever to be Olympic Course + Ironman World Champion.
  • 12 Ironman Victories, more than any other male.
  • Broken 8 hours in Ironman distances 4 times (Only man to break it more than twice)
  • Five-time International Triathlete of the Year.
  • Four-time Competitor of the Year.
  • ESPN World’s Fittest Man.

Macca winning the 2010 Ironman World Championship!, His second Kona title.

While in Kona, I met a lot of Pro Triathletes, and I had a chance to meet Macca himself. He had a special event with Cliff Bar and I got to meet him briefly and chat with him a little bit. I thought he may be this triathlon god, completely unreachable, that if you look at him straight into the eye, you probably will melt because of such an act of blasphemy against him. But actually, I was impressed that he actually is a pretty cool guy. Like one of your buddies, that you can have a beer and joke around with. He signed my book and a Ironman World Championship poster that I was given in check-in. Plus after meeting with Macca, the sponsor will give you a cool neon yellow shirt that said “Team Macca”.

Meeting Macca back in Kona. Signing my book and my poster :) . Photo courtesy of Alina M. Photography

The legendary race passed. I came back to Miami and tried to get my shit together. I was in the middle of moving and trying to figure everything out. The cool neon shirt was with all my goodies that I brought from Hawaii, and I start looking at the name of the sponsors… and one said MaccaX. Mmmm… let me Google that thing. So the deal was that Macca grouped 12 of his best sessions (4 for each discipline) for you to do and train just like him. Mmmm, interesting… maybe they can give me a little edge for next year. But really after Kona, I didn’t want to know anything that involved training. But other thing called my attention. If you signed up for the sessions, you will be getting access to the man himself, and a worldwide group of like minded individuals. 

So on December I decided to bite the bullet, got the MaccaX12 training videos and signed up with the Team MaccaX. I got access to the secret training sessions, which approaches to all levels, beginners, intermediate and pro. Got in to the secret Facebook group, MXVIP, where you interact with all other members, which are from all over the world… and even got some friends now via Facebook from places that I never even heard off. A month after signing up I got a sweet Under Armour Visor, which is the same that Macca uses in his races… sweet!

Later it was launch the Team MaccaX forum, an online forum where questions are asked and Macca, and some specialist answer them in a timely manner. You can bring discussions/ race reports/ resources/ a team map/ etc. It’s really a resourceful place.

Later they announced that Macca will do triathlon camps. To my surprise and happiness one will be here in Miami on November 6th to 10th, leading up to Miami Man Triathlon. The other one will be in Phuket, Thailand on November 27th to December 1st. I was completely in when they announced the Miami Camp! I will train with Macca himself!!!

Later on the year we received our cool and stylish team uniforms. Finally the world domination team will begin! They launch an app with the MX12 training programs, to have it handy when you need it. Soon they will have a revamp version, that actually will help you train and sync with your heart rate monitor and Macca will be talking with you and pushing you to the next level. If you look in iTunes, we have now a podcast, Macca Uncensored… that talks everything triathlon… race reports, news in the tri world, etc.

Team MaccaX Uniform! It makes me feel fast! (and slimmer!)

The team has a mission too. Not only being badasses in triathlon, but to help families with breast cancer, via the MaccaNow Foundation. The team made an “Embrace the suck” limited edition t-shirt with its proceedings going to help our friend Millhouse with his fight with cancer (the best part is that he’s doing awesome right now!). 

6 months after being a member and I received a limited edition Under Armour Macca sunglasses (or how the Aussies call them… sunnies)… how cool is that! Later it was announced the new program MaccaX PLUS, that gives even more great training videos and 3 triathlon training programs, to fit that training in.

We had the chance for Macca to analyze our current training, our goals and weaknesses. To my surprise I  got a personal message from Macca after he analyzed our data and how I can improve my triathlon training. I was flipping when the man himself commented on some of my pics! I mean… really?!!, it was like a message from the Triathlon God or something.

Macca commenting on my pics... *I'M NOT WORTHY *BETO DIES* x_x

I mean, seriously... how cool is that Macca comments on your stuff!

Additional to that, we had the chance to do Spreecast with Macca that included seminars/talks, there are contests, the Performance of the Month Award, the handicap system (which analyses team members performances), discounts, some other pro-triathletes coming on-board (Terenzo Bozzone, Belinda Granger, Justin Granger, Ben Greenfield, Brenton Ford, James Dunne and more coming!) and VIP entries to Challenge Series races. 

Almost a year of being a member and they have improved so much and I have seen the team grow to 530+ members. The cool thing is that the improvements don’t stop, and it keeps getting better. With the upcoming new training app, more Training Camps to be announced, (HINT: next year it will hit Los Angeles, Europe and Australia ;) ), and even a free cycling kit when I hit the year of becoming a member!.

With local teammate Evelyn, being showcased in the Team MaccaX Facebook page.

But if you ask me, the best thing about Team MaccaX is the people. I just want to be in the Macca Camp and meet all of these 100 new friends that are coming to Miami in around a month time :) .



Contest Time Beeches!

Disclaimer: The t-shirt is size small. If you are too huge, you can always give it to your significant other, your kiddos or your grandma.

Now, remember the “Embrace the Suck” limited edition t-shirt I talked about?. Do you want to win one and wear it proudly in your next triathlon? I THOUGHT SO! Simply you have to like and follow the following links and comment below my post “How do you embrace the suck?” Is it the thought of having beer at the finish line? You want your kiddos to be proud of you?

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I am looking for the most original, inspirational and even funny answer!!! So in time for the 2013 Ironman World Championship, the winner will be chosen on October 12th 2013. Don't forget to put your name, and email address in your response! Good luck everyone!



ROAD TO KONA: FINAL WEEK/ WEEK 15 (Oct 08 – Oct 14)

Monday: We headed down to the pier to have an open water swim. The water was calm and the weather really nice. Ali, Gabe and I had the chance to meet Annee Deering, I befriended her via-Instagram and follow our trainings for Kona. She’s one of the Kona Inspired contest winners and her story will be featured in the NBC ‘s broadcast of Ironman.

With Kona Inspired Winner Annee Deering, she will be one of the stories on the broadcast of NBC's Ironman World Championship

After a great swim, it was time to explore the island a bit and we headed down to the Volcanoes National Park in the other side of the island. It was a 3 hour drive. During the drive was amazing to see how the scenery will change so drastically within that distance. From the lava fields, to a prairie, to a rainforest. We got to the park and went to the observatory. In front of us stand a huge crater sized volcano that it is the biggest active volcano in the planet. The Big Island not only have 1 but 4 volcanoes! Quite impressive! We hiked a bit thru lava tunnels, stopped by natural heat exhausts and visited the Punalu’u Beach where the sand is completely black.

On our way to the Volcanoes National ParkFinally made it!The crater of the volcanoPunalu'u Beach aka black sand beach!Where are you? 

Tuesday: We took over the Queen K for a bike ride. The Queen Kaʻahumanu Highway or Queen K is a highway on the island that connects the town of Kona to the airport and half way thru the town of Hawi. This is where the famous lava fields are, which are sharp edged black rocks made from lava flowing centuries ago. Thanks to this the temperatures rises even higher while riding on the Queen K. Needless to say the Queen K was full of cyclist and runners training for the race, and you will see signs that warned motorists “Ironman Athletes in Training”.

Training on the Queen K!Ali and Gabe having fun on the Queen K and having a taste of Ironman!Damm right!Queen K training completed! 

Around 5pm the Parade of Nations started. So many countries represented. I choose to represent my home country, since I was the only one there. They gave me the flag and a sign that said “Ecuador”. It was kind of tricky to carry both of them at the same time. The parade started from the Marriot King K hotel along Ali’I Drive until the vendors expo. As I passed thru, people will get nuts since I was going solo and they saw me sweating heavily while carrying the flag and the sign by myself LOL. The parade stopped where the vendor expo park was. I waited for Ali and Gabe, to walked the expo. Headed to the Newton tent where Craig Alexander was making an appearance and selling his new book “As the Crow flies”, we had some pictures with super cyclist Chris Lieto, did more walking thru the expo and gave some love to my sponsors Yurbuds, 2XU and Compressport.

Representing my home country Ecuador as it's only representative in the Parade of Nations!Really beautiful book! 

Later in the evening we meet with Mickey and Ryan that just got into Kona. Finally the whole “Kona Team” was assembled!


Wednesday: We try to imitate the track run in the parking lot of the hotel. It was tough ‘cuase the parking lot is uneven and hilly. Back at the room, Mickey, Ryan and Allison stopped at the room to visit. Allison got there on a late flight Tuesday,  she was doing her first Ironman… in KONA (I know! Insane!)!!! Needless to say she’s a superhuman athlete! Mickey gave me an awesome shirt which I wore proudly that day! (I was all shiny and stuff!). Headed back to town to finally register for the race. Registration went smoothly and people were very polite. Got my athlete wristband (ahem! Which I’m still wearin it!) and the greatest swag bag ever! Made me feel like a PRO! The bag is a transition bag sporting the Ironman World Championship logo (sweet! I never had a transition bag before), with a cool pair of custom TYR goggles, some keychains, some granola and gels, and the race stuff (program, bib numbers, swim cap, etc)

Registration completed! I'm officially a KONA ATHLETE!Swag Bag Awesomeness!After registration we headed out to meet Chrissie Wellington at the Oakley booth and Chris "Macca" McCormack at the Cliff Bar House, were they were doing signings and chatting with fans! I got the chance to meet a fellow Lottery Winner which I meet thru Pablo!, we followed our trainings together via Twitter until the race day. The power of social media meeting all these incredible people from all over the world! 

Meeting Chrissie again!Finally meeting Chris "Macca" McCormack! EMBRACE THE SUCK!Meeting Pablo from Dailymile and Twitter in the Cliff Bar House!

Later that evening we headed out for a traditional Hawaiian Luau Party. They explained us the culture of Hawai’I with some dances and a traditional feast that involved a pig cooked in the ground. Very cool! 

A welcoming view from the Luau Party!Where are you piggy piggy? I am underground!Lost in Kona, this is a map of the Big Island! 

Thursday: Are we having fun yet?! If it’s Thursday in Ironman Week in Kona, It’s the UNDERPANTS RUN! This run was conceived in 1998 as a protest by the locals against triathletes wearing Speedos in inappropriate places. Now the event is integral part of Ironman Week in Kona, and all proceeds go for a good cause, and with all clean fun! For this event I meet with Allison and we had a blast! (We even appeared on LOL)

Ready to have fun in the UPR KONA '12

UPR KONA '12UPR KONA '12UPR KONA '12Oh no! The grim reaper caught me! 

Back in the hotel I start prepping up my gear bags for the race and finishing touching up Lightning to get her ready to hit the lava fields. Later in the evening, the Kona Team, tag all along to the the “E Komo Mai” aka “Welcome Party” in the King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel (host hotel).  They had a big concert style stage for the ceremony, a delicious buffet food and great entertainment full of traditional dances and fire dances! The voice of Ironman, Mike Reilly, hosted the event. After the Party finished we got down to business and did the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting, where they explained the rules of the race, how the aid stations where going to be arranged and answered athletes questions.

So much stuff to pack!

Lightning's ready to deploy!
Time to partay!Entrance to the eventThe Rock N Roll Stage!FIRE DANCE!!!After the ceremony with Ryan, myself, Mickey, Ali and Gabe!


Friday: Started piggin out like there’s no tomorrow! Had an enormous breakfast and prepared my stuff to head out to bike check-in. You have to take your bike and run bag, the bike and have the helmet out. Because I’m riding a Cervelo I got a cool t-shirt from the Cervelo guys. You pass down a lane where all the representatives of the brands are sitting and checking your bike and taking notes of all the components and brands that your bike is carrying. Is like walking thru a catwalk. Some volunteers check you that you have everything and put a sticker on the bike. You give your run and bike bags to some volunteers and another volunteer stays with you and tours you around the transition area. They put your bike against a bike wall and they take a photo of your bike. After that the volunteers helps you place your bike on the bike rack and explains where you should go and move around transition in race morning.

Non Non NONMy friends are the best! Some love written on Ali'i Drive!Bike check-in!Lightning is racked and ready to be unleashed!Preview of the finish line! 

After finishing the craziness of Bike Check-In, the “Kona Team” and some new friends Kelly and Kim, meet again and had an early dinner in the Kona Brewing Company. A big Hawaiian Pizza for me of course and had a great time with the peeps before heading back to the hotel and finally shutting down!

At Kona Brewing Company: Gabe, Ali, myself, Kelly, Ryan, Mickey and Kim. 


Saturday: Race Day! This will have a post on it’s own!


Sunday: Post Race. Sore, so sore. I received some calls and messages from friends and family but I didn’t have any spirits to talk to anyone. It certainly was the toughest thing I have ever done in my life which took everything from me. Ryan called me and ask if I wanted to grab breakfast at the More than Sport brunch event they had in town. Sure! Why not! We headed over there with Mickey, Ryan and Kelly and had a good breakfast and a presentation by Chris Lieto explaining about his initiative “More Than Sport” and some Pros that joined his cause, first at the mike was Tim O’Donnell who finished 8th yesterday, then was Lindsey Corbin who finished 8th yesterday too and last was Craig Alexander who (to my sadness) finished 11th yesterday. After the event we got to chat a little with Chris about the awesome job he’s doing. He didn’t’ race this year due to an injury and was commentating during the live broadcast of the race.

Tim O'Donnell & Chris LietoLindsey Corbin & Chris LietoCrowie & Chris Lieto 

Afterwards the peeps drop me at the hotel since I still needed some rest. Later at night we gathered again for the “Banquet of Champions” which is the closing ceremony of the Ironman World Championship Week, where we had another feast, we saw the highlights of the race and the awards ceremony. We were really excited because one of our own, Allison, destroy her age group and won the World Championship (HEAR THIS!!!, SHE BECAME THE IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION 18-24 AGE GROUP IN HER FIRST IRONMAN RACE EVER!!! I know! She’s not human!!!). We were so happy for her and got a pretty close look to all the goodies they gave her, including that bowl that can be used as a helmet in emergency cases and a super cool jacket that says “Ironman Champion”. I think I have a chance to winning that in 50 years when I will be in the age group of 80+. After the age group awards ceremony, came the moment for the Pros to be awarded. They will award the Top 10 pros. This year the 2012 World Champions are Leanda Cave and Pete Jacobs! Each one gave a speech of their own, which demonstrated great sportsmanship and what really nice down to earth people they are.

Having some fun in the Banquet of Champions!

Allison becoming the Ironman World Champion in her Age Group!Leanda Cave - 2012 Ironman World Champion!Pete Jacobs - 2012 Ironman World Champion!Both Champions on Top of the World!With the Voice of Ironman, Mike Reilly! 

After the closing ceremony, there were some after parties, but I was so sore and tired that just decided to go back to the hotel and die :)