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After a year abroad in Spain, I came back to Miami.

It was amazing to catch up with friends and the city in general. I returned to the iRun Triathlon team and they welcomed me with open arms. Had the opportunity to do some racing back again, but with the general idea that racing is just for fun.

Long gone are the days of training for the win or training for long distance. The mentality over all is that I have done everything that the sport offered me and I have enjoyed it a lot. But personal time to pursue other goals in life are more important for me than the sport at this moment.

The end of the year I committed to do a long distance Aquabike event and I finally qualified for Team USA. Team USA was always a dream that I had since I started to doing multisport 9 years ago. Although I had the opportunity to go to a World Championship event in Spain, then again, other life goals are more important, so I forfeit the slot for the team.

And here comes 2019…

A New Road

New year, new me right? How many people have heard or done this. Certainly that was me back in 2005 when I decided to change my health for the better. I was overweight and lost 40 pounds in the process. That was me when in 2009 I ran my first half-marathon and in 2010 I ran my first marathon. That was me the same year when I started doing triathlons with the ultimate goals of becoming an Ironman. In 2011 I became an Ironman and in 2012 I did Kona.

But that was back then. I’m a person that needs challenges to motivate me and grow as a person. Something that I always had an issue with was my self image issues. You see, being a fat kid can be horrible when you are young. I always wanted to be slender and not being fat. When I finally became thin, I thought that life will be better.

Years later, a girl I used to like long time ago mentioned that I was scrawny. At the time I didn’t know the term (English is not my first language after all). And of course now... I know what it means. The media bombards us with images of perfect bodies, mostly unattainable for regular people. Living in Miami doesn’t help either, since everyone here seems to be in a certain way (or at least “looks”)... Instagram perfect.

Certainly I can swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles… but endurance sports mostly come with a price on your body. You need to be lean in order to be mean. But being lean makes you not look like the general idea of what an athlete means in regulars people mindset. You don’t look like an actual “athlete”. Athletes comes in different shape and sizes depending on the sport they practice, but of course, the general idea is quite different.

Because of my leanest, I became aware that I was weak.

Check the photo below. It shows what I mean.


On the left is Ryan Hall, the fastest American record holder marathoner. On the right, is Ryan Hall after retirement from running. This quote of his basically summarizes how I’m feeling:

“I’ve been small and weak my entire life—just, like, totally underdeveloped,” Hall said. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be big and strong.”

You can check an interesting article of him here.

As some of you may know, I used to practice martial arts… like for 5 years. I was disciple in Hung Ga style of Kung Fu, which explains a lot my famous “Panda Kick” haha. The next photo is from my sifu Julio Anta.


Bear in mind that he is 60 years old!!!. 60 years old and looks like a modafuckin warrior!

For once, I want to feel strong. I want to feel superheroish. This doesn't mean I want to become The Incredible Hulk, but I do want to put more muscle mass. My body doesn’t develop mass easily, so it will take time.

Because of this, endurance sports need to be put on hold. Building mass and endurance doesn’t go well hand to hand (and I have tried it before!). I’ll try to keep active cardio wise, but it needs to be kept up to a minimum.

My current stats at the beginning of this journey are:

Body Fat %: 22.4

BMI: 24.5

Hips: 38

Thigh: 19.5

Waist: 34

Arms: 10 Flexed: 11

Chest: 38

Shoulders: 43

Body Weight: 147

This is a new road for me to take… a new challenge… and I’m excited about it. The Road2SuperSaiyan begins!!!