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Hey everyone! Yes I’m alive and well. But probably this has been the longest I haven’t post anything on the blog (more than a year!!!!). Well as my last post said, I moved to Spain to pursue a Master’s degree. What an amazing experience! I’ve met lots of people and made good friends. Although my endurance adventures where put to a pause.

It was weird to talk about endurance racing to normal beings. It sounded like it happened long ago… in a galaxy far, far away.

As the year passed, I had the opportunity to do the Berlin Marathon and Barcelona Triathlon as my last (only) races of 2017. The race reports will come soon!

Season 8?

Come forward to 2018. My stay in Europe ended and I had to come back to Miami. After not training for several months, and having to come back to Miami with an injury, I have started training again. The comeback has been hard. But during this time, everyone in the community has open their arms to help me come back,  I have gotten an apprentice, I have a new (old) team, and new friends!.

Season 8 is ending already, but I have done some racing here and there and I have 2 more races coming. But needless to say, competitive years have long gone by, and being a year abroad has open my eyes to things differently and change my objectives of life in general. Although the objective of endurance in general has changed, I will still train to have FUN, EAT, and stay HEALTHY.

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