Previously in the mid season finale of Road2Ironman.

Hey there! Such a long time. How are you? So with Ironman Texas done maybe you thought that triathlon training was done… but actually I haven’t stop since Texas.

After Texas I took one week off and afterwards I continued to train as nothing had happened. I was pretty impressed that I was still in one piece and not burned out as previous times. The months before had been full of long endurance training, so I thought it would be nice to get the feel again of doing something short and fast. So thanks to Darkside Miami, I did a small sprint triathlon race, FIU Triathlon, to get the feel again of short and fast racing.

Long vs short distance racing is so different. In one, you need to endure the longest time possible in a pace you can hold on for a while (think of a pace that you need to hold yourself for 5 to 10 plus hours). If you go too fast, you definitely won’t last until the end of the race. On short distance is different as you need to go all out for an hour (as in a sprint) or go really hard for 2.5 hours (think Olympic distance), so your heart is pumping 100% all the time and you think you will eventually die.

So jumping into a one-hour sprint, after doing something for 12 hours is quite the change. I knew I had to go at a suicidal pace on a sprint distance. So yeah, I felt like vomiting my heart the whole time but it was nice to feel the “feeling” of doing something at 100% effort.

Floatin' FIU Biscayne Triathlon

Floatin' FIU Biscayne Triathlon

So I did FIU Biscayne Triathlon. A race that I did before, and that is super fast due to the short format course of 500m swim, 10 mile bike and 2.8 mile run.

The numbers:

Swim: 9:49
Bike: 26:57
Run: 18:54
Total: 57:45
Place: 6th of 24

After those long sessions I put into Ironman training, I was surprised that my swim and bike went to another level, which was completely unexpected. That long base was worth all the efforts!

But after Texas, short distance triathlons were not my next target. I needed to jump right back to endurance training as I had another 70.3 event coming, Ironman 70.3 Ecuador.

This race is holding a special place in my heart. Even thought I have never done it before!

First of all, is an Ironman race in my home country.  So it will be the first time ever I will do a triathlon in my land, which it feels is the first time I’m racing locally LOL. Ecuador became the 3rd South American country to host an Ironman event. Thanks to this, more countries have added races to their calendars, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia.

Second, this is the second year the race is happening. I wanted it to do it last year, but it was conflicting with my trip to USAT Nationals, so I had to postpone to this year.

Third, the race almost didn’t happened. As some of you know my country was recently hit by a powerful earthquake, and the city hosting the event, Manta, was one of the cities most affected by the earthquake. So the event happening after such a terrible disaster shows the commitment and the strength of its inhabitants to raise up again. We as athletes and tourists, it was a time to cooperate with the economy of the affected area, since a lot of the tourist sector has gone down since the tragedy.

With Ecuador coming close, I really didn’t expect much performance wise, I know that it would be a hilly bike course, although I didn’t know for sure until I got there, but at least the run would be flat, unlike 70.3 Florida (hilly bike and run.) I won’t set any high expectations as I did in 70.3 FL (which I failed miserably to accomplish) but I would enjoy my family’s company in home soil and do my best for them :) .

Preparing for 70.3 Ecuador

Preparing for 70.3 Ecuador

So yeah, I have been training for another 70.3. The heat in Miami has been on record high lately, so it has been tough to train for such long hours. One day on a long brick I completely melted on the run, due to the intense heat. This has driven to me to start training even earlier than before. Some days I had to arrange my long runs in the track, like the day I had to do 13 miles (21 km) and then after go to work. As the rest of my teammates have been training for Olympic distance at full speed, most of my training so far have been solo for long endurance. Me against the world (and the heat haha.)

So this was a quick update. Although it feels a little weird not to post weekly as I did in the Road2Texas saga, I felt that I needed to report my activities, I haven’t stop and either should you!