The Final Push

At least that's what my coach said this week. This was finally the peak week and the last big push in training. After this week the volume starts lowering down and the final week before the race is a taper week, where the volume decrease significantly while the body complete recovers from training leading into the big race.

As life continues, I have started a part time job, which I have been trying to get used to. Three days a week and luckily the schedule is a bit flexible (I can pick which 3 days I can work). Although I start way early than my previous job, so is been hard to nail morning trainings. But in a certain way it has been great since I can still mainly focus on IM, and at least now I can pay the daily needs (which I seriously needed). After Texas I can actually worry about my income needs, but at least now I can stay afloat (barely). 

On Wednesday I had a 2:30 long run at night. I planned to do this run after my job on the beach, but I forgot my running shoes. So I lost time in traffic and had to run when I got home. Finally I started incorporating a Fuel Belt and it had made a major difference staying hydrated instead of running in fumes :) (I know, my bad... my coach shouted at me because of this! hehe). So I'm still trying to nail the nutrition on that part.

The Ironman Texas crew on Saturday!

The Ironman Texas crew on Saturday!

Saturday had a nice change of venue and all our small group training for Ironman went up north to Plantation to a nice 50 meter pool, Led by Cobi Sensei, we did our 2.4 mile swim (the actual swim distance in the Ironman). I did 1:10... which I think was very good for me, and a time I was calculating. Afterwards we did a soft 30 min run.

On Sunday was the day of the reckoning. The workout that makes you an Ironman already (okay, not really hehe). The longest day of training where you combine the long bike and a long run together. I remember when I did this workout the last time (back in 2012!) and I bonk and died trying. Coach planned us to do 100 mile bike and a 10 mile run together. Cobi Sensei told us to skip the warm up (10 miles) and proceed to the main set of the bike which was 90 miles in Ironman pace (around a pace of zone 2). It was a windy and hot day, but we got it done regardless. The run was really tough in the heat, and struggled a lot but got it done. Felt good that I finally did the "Big Day" again. 

The Day of Reckoning. 

The Day of Reckoning. 

These past weeks of long volume training has come with a price. My old injuries and pains are starting to raise up again, specially after my long runs. The pain in my left Achilles' heel that I mostly battled last year has come back, and I have been having pain in my left knee. Probably I haven't had the best recovery protocol, but still, it sucks and I need to be more careful. An injury at this point can be a catastrophe. 

As I was telling a friend the other day: At this stage, I am holding together my body the best that I can. Is like doing a Kaioken. You significantly increase your endurance and your senses, way beyond your own level (is Ironman training after all!!), but with the drawback that because your gains are so awesome and great, it comes to a price of destroying your own body.

In other words, I'm falling apart like a LEGO. Luckily the hard stuff is finally done. Right now I just need to hold it together a bit longer... please body, you can fall apart after May 14!!! TWO MOAR WEEKS TILL IRONMAN TEXAS!!!!