“This is IRONMAN training.”

This week was full of the longest workouts so far in the ironman training. I knew these kind of workouts were coming, but I didn’t know it was this soon!

Wednesday was a day for epicness. Do or die. I was absolutely terrified for the workout that was coming. I needed to fully prepare myself not only physically but mentally. Tuesday was a long day at work, and I ended up leaving at almost 10pm and rushed home to eat (whatever I could find) and sleep. Wake up call at 4am and ready to run at 5am. Met with Vicky and had an easy run from Miami to Miami Beach. You know that is pretty early when the track is still not open and you literally need to jump the fence. I did, but when I did it I felt a pain around my rib cage area. I think I hit myself with the door while jumping it. So while we were the first at track, others start showing up from the iRun team. 15x 1km at the track with different intensities. I was a loooong set. The intensities where changing every time until in the last one you go all out. Unfortunately Vicky pulled a muscle and couldn’t finish. Cobi Sensei was the other one doing the workout and he supported me every time he passed me, “remember Texas, this is all for Texas” he would tell me.

"Previously on AMC's  The Walking Dead ..."

"Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead..."

The last km and I was alone already at the track. After finishing the set I needed to run back from Miami Beach to Miami for a long cool down. In the middle of the way the fatigue settled in it was really painful to run, even thought I was jogging really slow. Less than 2 miles to go and I started walking/jogging. I was drained, dehydrated, and didn’t fueled properly. I hit the wall. That feeling when you run a marathon and you get to a stage where you cannot lift your legs anymore… a sensation I have forgotten but is still there…. the freaking WALL. A workout to strength your mind and build your character. A run with a total of 21.75 miles (35km), it was a day that I almost did a marathon in the middle of the week. Taking into consideration that I have done 2 marathons and 2 Ironmans, this run was officially my longest, hardest, most demanding run I have ever done during training for ANY kind of event. Like coach THOR said… “This is IRONMAN training.”

On Thursday I wanted to go swim and then hit the gym… during the swim the pain about my lower rib area was awful. I needed to do a 4k swim but stopped at 1600m… no way I could do weights with that pain. From that day everything went downhill not only with the pain but with the flu/cold. I always feel terrible when I cannot do a workout that I’m scheduled to do. I mean, really nobody cares if I do it or not, so it’s my responsibility to do them, I my sense of guilt can be big. But like a friend said, “take some rest, maybe your body needs a break.”

On Sunday another day of awesomeness awaited with a 6 to 7 hours bike ride. Just an easy loooong ass ride. Probably now the only one in the group with such a long ride. So rode from my house to meet everyone else and from there we went. I decided that it was time to sweat the flu out, although my rib pain is still there, but it doesn’t hurt as much when I’m on the bike. Anyway, on the ride I stayed with Joan most of the time, a kid that can become a Pro sooner than expected, unless she get up with school first haha. There was a lot of traffic in Miami, because of the Miami Open, so a little nightmarish to ride. So I logged in 6 hours for a total of 100 miles.

Right now I just hope the rib pain goes away, since I can’t swim with it. I have this type of pain before and it can last from 1 to 2 weeks. The problem is that in 2 weeks I have my first major exam… Ironman 70.3 Florida!!!