Going back to the gym

After Las Olas, I decided that I needed to start going back to the gym in order to get stronger. Triathlon is not only swim/bike/run, but you need to provide a base in order to do all the 3 sports. Strength training is a important piece of the puzzle, which provides support to the muscles to carry on your triathlete duties and helps you to last longer.

Unfortunately for me, I HATE THE GYM. When I am really focused, I can go and do what it needs to be done, but it isn’t something I enjoy the most. I think I’m the most happy when riding or swimming, and running is a love/hate relationship haha.  But I decided I needed to go back to the gym in order to avoid something that can happen at any time… an injury.

So a friend of mine invited me to try an online program that is on a beta stage, so I can give some feedback / results along the way. So I will be working with them for these months and see what happens.


My skinny ass at the gym

So hitting the weight room again. I needed to provide strength numbers in order to start the program. Then the program will tell you the exercises, amount of weight and reps to be done. So on Monday after my swim, I hit the weight room and did the strength calculating set and the first session. So far so good.

Of course the next day I couldn’t even walk. I was sore EVERYWHERE. And as always the second day is the WORSE. I wanted to stay on bed the whole day haha. I knew the soreness was coming, and I thought I could pull it thru but man! I couldn’t. So it derailed the triathlon training for 2 days until I could properly sit on the toilet :). On Thursday I decided to pull thru the soreness and go to a run that was scheduled for Wednesday. 1:40 run with the soreness… in a certain way was good because it simulated a little bit the soreness of running off the bike in a triathlon.



On Friday was an accomplishment day since I had the biggest swim I have done EVER. Although I was still felling a bit sore, I did it anyways. 5000 meters on the pool. I thought my shoulders would dislocate at a certain point haha. Happy that I pushed through thou. When you finish a race for the first time or do a new long distance… that feeling of accomplishment is just priceless! Later on the evening I ran and did a second gym session. I ended Friday tired.

On Sunday it was a big day. Basically it was a 70.3 simulation day, with 3 hours on day bike “simulating” a half ironman race pace effort on the bike and a 75 min run at a marathon effort after wards. So far the longest run after bike in this block of training. I thing I did good, although THOR said that maybe I was dehydrated when I stepped into the run based on my HR (heart rate) reading. I was all worth it because I could eat pizza after training!

As I’m writing this I received my training for next week. It looks apocalyptic!!!