Staying positive inside a storm.

After an amazing last week it was time to get back into reality. Training for triathlon is no easy feat by any means. Even less is training for an Ironman. It depends of not only physical factors but mental ones too. Unfortunately for me mental factors are starting play with my head since I’m soon loosing my primary source of income and as result, my priorities need to change a little bit.

So this week not much training, but switching to the part where “you need to put your shit together.” On the dark year, which was 2013 for me, I was on the same situation and I was virtually unemployed for several months. Other factors helped denominated 2013 as “dark”, I lost a lot of friends for stupid reasons and most importantly I lost my dad. Depression and desperation hit really hard, and it seems that everything that I did was not right. The saying says: “When it rains, it pours” and it really did. Regardless of everything, I needed to stay positive. 

I’m afraid to go back to that time. So the whole week I was preparing for the worst and cleaning up my resume and professional website. I really love Miami, but I’m actually open to see other places and meet other people, who knows… probably next time I will be living in your city! Opportunities might be knocking, and I'm prepared to take chances this time. But until that happens, let’s see what the future holds.

I just felt I owed an explanation of why the training got derailed this week, and I just noticed that I explained a little too much hehe. Then again, I’m an open book. :)

Anyways! So although triathlon training was on a stand by, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything during the whole week. After all I have an Ironman to do! You got to remember that exercising is good, and it actually releases happy hormones, which can help in your overall well-being. Don’t you feel great after you work out? That’s the why :)

On the weekend my new team had the opportunity to meet our new coach, Coach Thor, God of Coaching, while he was visiting Miami. An ex-professional athlete that is now sharing his knowledge with normal humans as us. I didn’t had a lot of interaction with him, but from what I heard he was really insightful in all areas of the sport. I had the opportunity to train with him over the weekend. On Saturday we had a relaxing long bike and finish strong running in the track. On Sunday we had as always our super long bike ride and a short run afterwards. While he was here he did several lactate blood tests on some of the teammates, to define their training zones. Probably the most accurate way to do it.

So this week was pretty much to staying positive and that things will get better. Although training for a race that demands a lot about you and not having a certain way to "support" your efforts is kind of frightening. The only thing remaining is to stay positive.