This was a bonus race but always a great way to end up the season. I did it last year and felt in love with it. Probably the best thing is that the race is Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. This give the ability for travelers to enjoy Key West after the race is don on Saturday, meaning… PARTY!!!

I will keep it short this time. The swim was mostly against the current, the bike was a 2 loop course which was very windy on the first part of the bike. Luckily the run was a bit cloudy, if not it would have been very hot (and we are talking of a race taking place in December!).

This race is basically the definition of “race for fun”. Although coming back from an injury that kept me off for a month, I would have like to be in the shape that I was for Escape to Miami back in August. Maybe next year I can take this race seriously and increase my chances of podium. But still not bad for not being in shape and qualified for Nationals with my crappy performance!

The Numbers
Swim: 13:56
Bike: 37:06
Run: 24:42
Total: 1:18:08
4th place out 39

Back to off season mode, but I was owing this race report!