On Monday, I usually go for a run with the good peeps of iRun after work. It keeps me motivated to the discipline of triathlon I dislike the most. But I was aiming to stick with them in order to do well in the upcoming running season in Miami. Plus I had an important race I wanted to do well.

But more than running faster, or doing good in races, I’m trying to grow better as a person. So I’m applying to a Master’s program, in which due to paperwork, it took a long time to do. So after applying I was waiting for an answer, and on that Monday it came.

A master’s program is a big deal, right? But how about life, as in the meaning of life and death. One day we are here, and the other we might not. The hurricane craze came back again to Florida, and people were preparing their homes and stacking up for the upcoming storm. One of them was my best friend Alexis, who was putting shelters on his home, and when he was putting the last one, he fell of the second story home on his head. He had to be rushed to the emergency room and he is now in the ICU (Intensive care unit.)

On Monday I was still shocked after seeing my “bestie” in the ICU the day before. During that day I received an email stating that my master’s degree application was denied. All those months of effort translating, validating documents... gone. During the evening, I went for my usual run. I was in a small pack of runners, it was dark and couldn’t see much. A runner in front of me tripped and he continued running, but I did actually tripped behind him and felt an immeasurable amount of pain. I just had sprained my ankle… bad. Limping, I went back to the store, iRun, and my friends Esi and Cobi provided help by icing my ankle. Imagine a tennis ball inserted into your ankle, that was how my ankle was swollen. And you thought your Mondays sucked, huh?

This was 4 weeks ago. During that time even a girl that I liked had just “ghosted” me. I was sad, depressed, and of course... limping. When it rains it pours after all, but like a friend told me once, “Brush it off Beto and keep moving forward”. A lesson I have taken it to heart:

Why do we fall???  So we can rise again.

Regardless of shit we have to go through every single day, lives continues until the day you die, it’s simple like that. If you stop living to feel sorry for yourself about your fall, will you stay there in the floor? No. If you stop pedaling the bicycle you will fall, so keep moving. Always forward.

And while it has been rough the last 4 weeks, I decided to apply to another school, and then again, I’m waiting for an answer. I had to cancel all the races I had, but I started swimming and riding again (which felt wonderful). As for my best friend, well he has been moved from the ICU, although he is still not fully awake, the hopes are high he will get better. If you would like to help my friend Alexis, there’s a fund to help the family with the medical bills.

I tried running today. Still with a lot of pain, but for sure I will keep moving forward.