After 70.3 Ecuador I took training a little bit more easy for some weeks. It has been a long season of loooong distance races so I was aiming to finish the season on September. But before that, and thanks to iRun Rice Triathlon Team, I was sponsored to race the Key Biscayne Trilogy Bonus as a preview for Escape to Miami Triathlon.

I knew I was not coming strong plus racing Olympic distance is a bit different than racing 70.3’s.  I have been investing more time to my weak run and left my swimming behind. First I had a cold, so I avoided water, and for some weeks it was just raining a lot, which it didn’t help. The pool which I usually go to, will usually close as soon they see a dark cloud on the sky (I went to the pool maybe like 3 time and they will always closed the pool, so it was not lack of trying!).

The week previous the race I finally put some swimming in and I was surprised that I will feel really uncomfortable in the water for 1500 to 2000 yards, which compared to the usual 4000 to 5000’s I did months before was quite shocking to see my lame state. Sad to see one of my most improves suites going to waste in such a short time frame.

Anyway, I didn’t expect much, basically I took it as a prep race for Escape to Miami, which is maybe the toughest Olympic race in Miami, and I would have 2 weeks to prepare my best for that race, which will conclude my triathlon season.

The race usually held on most of Miami’s triathletes training grounds encompassed a 0.75 mile swim, 20 mile bike and 6.2 run. Not quite a true Olympic distance but challenging enough. The swim was pancake flat, 2 loop bike course, and a shaded trail run.

I don’t know if it was my lack of confidence due to the shocking lost of fitness on my swim, but my swim was terrible. It was bad since the beginning. My goggles filled with water at the beginning of the race, and it was just hard to swim that way. Additionally I had to stop a bit to clear the water out, but after ward they got foggy and I couldn’t swim well, so I was drifting in every direction. Terrible, terrible swim!!!

The bike when quite well, keeping riding for long hours on the weekends have kept my bike fitness right on check. Two loops on Key Biscayne including bridges was quite good.  On the run I did whatever I could do. It was nice to run in a shaded trail, and the different terrain. The post results quite gave me the idea of where I was standing 2 weeks previous Escape to Miami. It has been a race I have done a lot of times and quite the real test to see if I’m improving or not. Not to mention is really hard!!!

The Numbers
Swim: 15:16
Bike: 53:27
Run: 51:45
Total: 2:03:09
5th Place