One of the most competitive races in Miami of the beginning season! South Beach Triathlon! A true test to see how fit and athletic I am (aka can I survive this race without dying?) !!! I did this race back when it was called Nautica South Beach Triathlon, at the time I did the International distance. I remember it was hard and HOT… a really HOT run with a sand trap at the end. For that reason I decided to just do the Classic distance, and not to die in the middle of the heat.

The new organizers had made this race more appealable, although I was impressed that the Pro field was MEH. Before, this race would attract a lot of Pros, and the BIG names in the sport. Maybe not much money? Who knows! 

It was a beautiful morning that will led to another sunny day in Miami. It was a seeded swim start, I think my Alzheimer is hitting me already since I don’t remember doing one of this starts before. So we will start by lining up every 4 peeps and running to the beach. I got to say it was pretty cool, way better than a mass start and avoiding kick and punches all over the place.


I believe I had a great swim. The water was a bit choppy, but it was really manageable and felt strong. There are really a few times that I feel like this during the swim. The water was clear blue like if you were swimming in the Caribbean. Really pretty.


Off to T1, a bit of a long run from the beach to the park were transition was. Plus the  long run inside transition to find your bike. Grabbed Lightning, and headed out T1. I was riding the Lightning thru Miami, the plan as always was to gain the most advantage on the bike, and this time was to take advantage of the 8 bridges on the course. I have come to realize that I can take of the bridges on the bike. I can climb them with high cadence to save some legs, and hammer down the bridge to take fully advantage of the incline and gain great speed.  Plus it works wonders when catching people that pass you while climbing the bridge ;) .


I caught up to my teammates Sebas and Lulu on the bike, while exchanging some encouraging words with my young Padawan Sebas. Off to T2 to my favorite event! Running! (I’m being sarcastic… I HATE running! LOL)


On the run was survival of the fittest. Running already in the middle of the heat and the unusual 4 mile run of this Classic distance triathlon. The nice part of this run, is doing part of it in the South Beach boardwalk, I believe the wooden boards make it more tolerable on your fatigued legs. While running, a guy asked me, what’s your pace? I think I said 8:30, he mentioned “Can I keep up with you?”. I said “of course, just a mile to go!, let’s do this!”. My pace buddy were chatting for a bit,  although I don’t remember anything we talked about. He started to slow down, but I encouraged to continue. Less than a mile to go and we hit the beach. It was compacted and still manageable to run on it. My pace buddy increased the pace and went along on his own. One of my teammates, Ivory, was encouraging people and started running with me and encouraging me a lot. I picked up the pace and hit the heavy sand, it was the last stretch to the finished line. I was dying, but I was really excited to finish… and finished strong!


My Numbers

Swim: 15:43

T1: 2:52 

Bike: 57:14

T2: 1:51

Run: 33:34

Total: 1:51:12

9th of 75

I was really happy to finish. As tough as it was, I think my results were pretty decent. Most people were killed by the insane heat, but I still managed to grab a 9th place in a super competitive age group of almost 80 people.

It was great to see familiar faces like my Partnercita Brenda on the bike course taking pics and Mickey as well on the run. Plus all the friends of the community on the finish line and catching up with them.


I was a great race for the team, since a lot of people raced and you could see a lot of red and black uniforms all over the place. But the races are not over yet, since next weekend I will race again and go to St Petersburg Florida for the Florida Regional Championship!, St Anthony’s Triathlon!

Report coming soon!