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So much in a need to escape from the city, that some friends and myself decided to do an inaugural triathlon in Cocoa, Fl. Roadtripping with friends is always a good time to unwind from the routine of life.

The venue of the race was really nice, a small and cozy downtown and a little park with a wooden deck. For us South Floridians it was a little colder than expected, 55F, that for us feels like the cold age… (don’t judge, we live with a 90F weather the whole year!). So we were not really prepared for race morning… no wetsuits, no sweaters, dying of cold and actually getting a cold!

While we were waiting with the heater in the car, we waited until the Olympic distance started. After a short warm up, we basically ran to the swim start and jumped to the water while everyone was ready to go. Surprisingly the water temperature was not as cold as the outside weather.

Started the swim… hated that some people in wetsuits we passing me easy, but then again I was at a disadvantage. Mental note: time to finally invest in a good wetsuit! Got out of the water, and ran to T1.

Rushed out of T1 and started the bike. “Cold, really cold…” was the only thought that I had, but tried to fight the cold sensation and get into rhythm on the bike. I really loved the bike course, the whole route was alongside the water, while watching some suburban homes on the other side. It was a picture that you see only on movies. The course had lots of false flats, but the scenery was really worth it. (Although I couldn’t feel my feet at all because they were frozen at all times!)

At the end of the bike course there was a weird turn, that you entered a parking lot, make a U turn and exit the parking lot.  It totally cut the speed that you were going with. This part was probably the only complain that I had on the course.

I couldn’t feel my feet at all. Had to dismount and run to transition like that. So it felt that I was jumping onto something and somehow moving to T2. I couldn’t feel my shoes on my feet and just started running that way.

The run was maybe not as nice as the bike, but you were still running alongside the water within a suburban area. I just started feeling my feet at mile 2. And just hold on to my life until the end.


To my surprise, I did good. Actually REALLY good. I FREAKING WON THE RACE! MY FIRST WIN EVER!!!! I was over the clouds, and I couldn’t believe it. Yes maybe there were almost no people in my age group, but still… it was the first time I could ever taste the feeling of being on the top podium spot and feel like a CHAMP.


My teammates did awesome and basically everyone won their respective age groups. It was a great successful weekend, filled with gold memories. 

The numbers:

Swim: 08:41

T1: 0:34

Bike: 38:45

T2: 0:38

Run: 24:22

Total: 1:13:00

1th of 3

Now to prepare for one of the most competitive races in Miami, the Lifetime South Beach Triathlon!!!