So finally the first official triathlon of the season is here!. A good test to see where I’m at physically (and mentally). I didn’t have any expectations, since I had started to train recently and still I’m getting out of my bear in a cave phase.

The venue for this race was great, down in Homestead on the Bayfront Marina Park, which is close to the Homestead Miami Speedway.  Is starting to get hot again in Miami, but still compared to July or August, the weather is nice to race.


Before the startA lot of people of my team were racing, so it was an exciting time to be with friends. The swim was a little rough at the start, the day was windy, so you need it to know where the wind was blowing to take advantage of it or save yourself when going straight to it. The swim was wetsuit legal, which many people opt to use it. For me it has to be really cold in order to wear a wetsuit… plus I believe that for a sprint of 500m swim, it takes more time taking the suit off than gaining an advantage out of it.

So the first meters to the first buoy were rough, choppy water because of the wind, but after the first turn it wasn’t too bad. Haven’t swim in open water since last year, but it wasn’t bad. Sometimes it can become a shock to swim in open water because of the unexpected conditions.

Fast transition to T1, and proceeded to give the best I could on the bike. I have been struggling in my favorite discipline, and my Sebi Kienle speed that landed me a podium last year is just a good memory. So the plan was to take the most advantage of the tail wind at the beginning of the bike and just try to keep up in one piece in the way back. My favorite feeling ever, passing people for most part of the bike was great. Pad in my back. I cought up to Craig on the bike, and basically here our Iron War began.


Craig is a good friend and teammate, but is too bad we have the same age and will be always in the same age  group. But then again, some friendly competition doesn't hurt anyone. I think so far we are 2-1 with the odds in favor of him. He has way more experience than myself, and we are both Ironman… so the war began once again on the last part of the bike and into the end of the race.


THE IRON WAR, Craig behind meAlthough I passed Craig on the bike, he stuck behind me the until the end of the bike. I stormed onto T2 trying to hold the little advantage I had over him. I know he’s a better runner than me, so basically I was running for my life. My run off the bike still is in a place it was 2 years ago, without any improvement, so I knew it would be impossible to hold the advantage. Several people start to pass me but I could hear Craig behind me and getting closer. Three people pass me on the run and I knew that my podium options were gone with them. On mile 2.5, Craig finally made the move, I cheer him up saying that the podium spot was just in front of him and to go get it.


Why nobody gets my PANDA KICK picture at the finish line anymore?!The race ended with Craig’s advantage of 8 seconds over me and the Ironwar ended. We ended 5th and 6th place respectively. Great performance for being in a maintenance mode Craig!

The numbers:

Swim: 12:31

T1: 0:14

Bike: 37:10

T2: 0:37

Run: 24:20

Total: 1:14:53

6th of 19


Post race with all the beasts of my team My team overall did awesome, with podiums all over the place that included not only age groups but overall. 

As for me.. now, I know what I need to do in order to reach my goal this season. Is going to be super hard for several reasons, but if I want to win someday my age group, I will need to do lot of sacrifices, which includes changing my training and trying something new.


Until next time!