In 2015, it was my 5th year anniversary of me being a triathlete (and of this blog) and I challenged myself to do 12 races (12 months/ a race each month) as a commitment towards the sport of triathlon and as a big way to celebrate my anniversary! (Check original blog post here)

Here was the original list of races I committed to do:

  • 01/04: Indoor Triathlon - DONE!
  • 03/01: Tri Life Bayfront Challenge - DONE!
  • 03/29 Tri Cocoa: Was not in the original list but added - DONE!
  • 04/19: South Beach Triathlon - DONE!
  • 04/26: St Anthony's Triathlon - DONE!
  • 05/17: 25.75 North Miami – Didnt do
  • 06/07: Escape from Alcatraz - DONE!
  • 06/21: Trilogy #1 - DONE!
  • 07/19: Trilogy #2 - DONE!
  • 07/26: Huntington’s Disease Triathlon: Was not in the original list but added - DONE!
  • 08/08: USAT Nationals - DONE!
  • 08/16: Trilogy #3 - DONE!
  • 08/30: Chicago Triathlon – It was this race or Nationals (I decided to race Nationals ;) )
  • 09/16: Trilogy Bonus - This one was converted to a relay with the Thumbs Up peeps - DONE!
  • 09/20: Escape to Miami - DONE!
  • 11/15: Miami Man Metro Zoo Int'l Distance – Didn’t do
  • 12/06: Key West Triathlon - DONE!

So there you have it! 14 races in a year (well technically 12, I don’t think a relay and an indoor triathlon can be considered a full race…? Do they?!)  PLUS: I didn’t even included some 5k I did through the year! 

Anyway in order to keep in check with my commitment to triathlon, this year won't be about a lot of races, but about LONGER races. Yes!, that means this year will be the Year of Iron, as I will be doing more 70.3’s and a full IRONMAN once again! I’m so freaking excited to attempt the 140.6 miles of glory (and death!) once again!

So here is the calendar for 2016:

  • 04/03: South Beach Triathlon
  • 04/10: Ironman 70.3 Florida
  • 04/17: Star Wars Half Marathon: The Dark Side
  • 05/14: Ironman Texas
  • 07/31: Ironman 70.3 Ecuador
  • XX/XX: Secret Race
  • 11/13: Miami Man - USAT National Long Course Championship

The calendar is not final, but these are the races I have officially registered. Is sad to see that I’ll be racing less, and crazy enough I see that April will be a tough month (CRAP! just noticed this! ). You may ask about the *Secret Race*… well this is a race I sign up too, but still I will see if I do it or not… and yes, is a long distance course!

As I did with Ironman Florida and the Ironman World Championship, I will start posting a weekly update on my Road 2 Texas journey! Back to Ironman! Third time is the charm! #road2Texas  

Oh boy, here we go again. Let's suit up!