Finally my last race of the season. I put this one on the schedule after so many people recommended it. Certainly I’m glad I did it! The great thing about this race is that you race on Saturday morning, and you have the rest of the weekend to chill out in Key West!

I was coming to this race after spending some vacations in Europe and having a big time off, so of course I wasn’t expecting anything here. Whatever top shape I was, it was no longer with me, so I did it just for fun (and to survive!.) Miami had a crazy weekend with Art Basel, and I was so glad to escape the craziness of the big city for something more chill. I drove straight from work on Friday night to the Keys, so I got late, met with Bernie and Tomasito, grabbed a bite, and got ready for race.

On Saturday morning I had no idea where I was standing. I think it was the first time I had not really a clue about the course, venue, start times, etc. Thanks to Patricio, he helped getting my race packet on packet pickup the day before (there was no race packet pickup on Saturday morning).  I grabbed my stuff and the only thing I knew was that I had to follow the white caps when they entered the water. That day was wetsuit legal, and I didn’t even had a wetsuit with me. But anyways, it was always nice to see familiar faces and hanging out with them. Robelto and I had the same wave start so we headed out together. I was feeling a bit nervous since basically I was doing a race without any training, and thinking to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so much bread in Spain LOL.

The swim was longer than expected and with a strong current that make me feel I was not really going anywhere, but nevertheless it was a nice course. The beach had a lot of rocks and you had to be really careful where were you sitting. As I was getting out of the water I couldn’t stand up. My friend Tomasito was shouting and saying “c’mon stand up, what are you doing?”, and as I was still trying to get on my feet I would fall down on my face! At the end I decided to roll over to the beach like a stranded whale until I could stand up (actually I felt like a whale too!). That surely made it for a lot of laughs from Tomasito and the spectators cheering. Comedy services provided by moi, I do weddings, bachelorettes and quincieñaras LOL.

Off to the bike. I caught up to Robelto and basically the whole ride I stayed up with him and made a nice tag team. We were in out of season shape already, but it was nice we could push each other together and made up for a nice bike race between both of us.

Now it came down to the run, the part I suffer the most, and even worst when I’m not in shape. I’m just glad I could somewhat run and finish the race in one piece. 

The numbers:

Swim: 15:58
Bike: 34:34
Run: 26:45
Total: 1:19:59

Place: 6th out of 28

Have you ever wonder what the Panda Kick looks on video? Here your chance since I got featured on the race’s video!

So the last race of the season, and the last race on my age group 30-34!!! As I get older this things get only tougher to do!!! Looking forward to them!!!

Last Panda Kick of the year!

Last Panda Kick of the year!

Happy Holidays and see you in 2016!!!