#Commit to Tri is a new campaign promoted by Ironman and Lifetime Fitness to promote the sport of triathlon in a fun and easy way. Participants will have the opportunity to do an Indoor Triathlon Hour as follow 10-minute indoor pool swim, a 30-minute indoor cycle ride and a 20-minute indoor treadmill run, that will provide inspiration without intimidation that can come from doing a regular triathlon.

Jan 4 was named Commitment Day and I had the opportunity to participate, and make this my first official triathlon of the year! I’m completely out of shape, but this helped to get me motivated for the new year and to #committotri!

Actual photo of me trying to swim again

10 min swim: I think it was pretty decent taking on consideration that I haven’t swim in 3 months. But still I felt those 3 months out of the water.


30 min stationary bike: Hard to tell, we got to the bikes and they already started the clock on us.. so we couldn’t adjust them or see how they work. Definitely the fitting was not quite correct, that we felt cramps after jumping out of the bike.

Bernie destroying me on the run

20 min treadmill run: Just did what I could, but fun regardless. Running with Bernie next to me was not fun since he runs 2x faster than me! Haha!

Post race with Bernie! 

Great event for people to commit to triathlon and have a taste of what involves. What I liked the most was getting the bib #1 for the race… I FELT LIKE  A PRO!



For being out of shape I still landed a decent 4th place OA. Another thing was that I won a free entry to the Chicago Triathlon for participating in the event.

As my commitment to triathlon I have decided to race 12 races in 12 months. Of course some months may not have an available triathlon, but some months will have 2 triathlons… so these will count for the 12. Although these are almost final, these might change with the course of the year.


So below you will see my schedule for the year

01/04 Indoor Triathlon

03/01  Tri Life Bayfront Challange

04/19  South Beach Triathlon

04/26  San Anthony's Triathlon

05/17  25.75 North Miami

06/07  Escape from Alcatraz

06/21 Trilogy #1

07/19  Trilogy #2

08/16  Trilogy #3  or USAT Nationals

08/30 Chicago Triathlon (Won entry... pending confirmation)

09/13 Trilogy Bonus

09/20 Escape to Miami

11/15  Miami Man Metro Zoo Int'l Distance

12/06 Key West Triathlon


So are you committed to tri this year?