Sooooo I forgot to post the race report for this one… especially because I went out of my way and did a video for it ;) .  So better late than never! 

This was an exiting race because it was basically a road trip that the team did, and traveling with my teammates always leads to fun times and to share lots of laughs.  So we went up north of Miami to the Heartland Triathlon. Never heard of this race before but to my surprise it was a very competitive one, with lots of crowd support and very well organized too. Not only that but the goodie bag was amazing! (they gave yoga mats and a snowcone… like for real!)

It was funny to find a lot of people from South Florida ‘s teams on this race. It made it feel more like a local race. Race day had perfect conditions. Although the swim start had some foggy conditions, which is actually pretty cool too see, but sucks when you are trying to look for the buoy.

Transition area on race's morningI didn’t expect much from this race, I was not really in a good race shape so it was more for the camaraderie and a fun weekend with my peeps. The swim was good… flat lake conditions and sweet water. A bit long transition that you have to go up a small hill, but nothing to worry about.

Fast T1 and off to the bike. A bit windy at first but as the course continued it was full of rolling hills and sharp turns, very technical. Certainly my legs were not prepared for anything involving hills. I felt bad when packs of 50 years old started to pass me on the bike. Certainly not my best race.

Storming out of T2

Gladly got back to T2 after that hilly and windy bike. The temperature was on the rise and I asked myself WHY didn’t I switch to the sprint instead of the Olympic distance. With overblown legs I just kept a survival pace on the race. I admit the run course was really nice, it was full of people all the way and it was in the middle of town center. Saw lots of my teammates and peeps from Miami and that was really nice.

Heading to the finish line with my own camerographer ;) 

Not my best race but certainly was a weekend full of fun and lots of laughter. My friends did podium and I was very happy for them :)

The Best Team in Town! 

The Numbers:


Swim: 29:50

T1: 1:45

Bike: 1:11:08

T2: 1:20

Run: 48:59

Total: 02:33:00


7th out of 15th participants


Now check out the video I did for the race. I’ll try to make more of these from my adventures!