Usually a speedway is a place where you see cars racing at 100’s of mph. Is funny to think that it would be a place for a triathlon. So yes, this inaugural race by the peeps who organize MiamiMan Triathlon back in November decided to have a second version of the popular local race in the Homestead Miami Speedway.

Tri2One ready to go! 

Surprisingly the speedway has a little lake inside the place.  The place was completely pitch black, so it took a bit to walk thru transition.  Found a lot of familiar faces of the Miami tri-scene, and it was nice to see them all. A lot of our teammates came to cheer and everyone was pumped. For International distance the wait was a bit longer since the Half Iron distance started first at 7am. We started 8am for a modified International Distance triathlon of 1200m swim, 28 mile bike a and a 6.6mile run in what it seem to be a very hot hot Sunday.

Swim out!!!! Beernie is right behind me!!! 

Swim was good… I kept swimming with my swim partner Bernie the whole swim. I had several people swimming in zigzag in front of me and I could pass them off for a bit. I took this as an all out 1200m swim. During training, we have done several 800m and 1000m TT in the pool and several OWS swims have given me more confidence on the swim, and I’m not afraid anymore of starting in front of the pack.

Spirits up although Beeernie is gonna catch meee!  

Bernie and I came together of the swim into T1. He’s a faster cyclist and runner than I am, so it was just a matter of time when he will pass me (Thank God he’s not in my age group!!!). First out of T1 and onto the bike. Bernie surely catch me on mile 2 of the bike and off the went. It was a pretty windy ride, but the nicest thing about it was to do a loop at the beginning and at the end of the bike inside the race track of the Speedway! (This was absolutely the highlight of the race!).

I think one one more person passed me on the bike, but I caught up with a guy and we were basically going back and forward taking the lead out of each other. But more than competitiveness of it, we were talking about it and joking about. At the end I passed him all the way ‘till the finish and off to T2. It was so hot and I was not looking forward to the run at all!

Floating off T2! 

Off T2… I left a lot of my legs on the bike and now was just to hold whatever I could on the run. The heat was affecting everybody, I was not going fast or with a speed I could be proud of myself. I was really happy to see that in some aid stations they had some ice. I would chew ice to keep cold and hold some ice on my hands. There was no shade what so ever! On mile 2 I wanted to quit so badly!, but after  that hard effort on the bike I needed to go on! I HATE RUNNING! I HATE RUNNING! BUT… I… MUST…. GO… ON!!!! (Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!!!! X_X) 

On mile 4 I somewhat composed myself. I could hold some kind of rhythm together and just continued with out looking at the watch. That helped a lot to just concentrate on keeping myself alive in the heat. Turn around and it was great to see the Speedway on the horizon… just go to it!

Finishing chute!!! I HATE RUNNING!

A guy passed me on the run… but I tried to keep close to him… he could probably be my age, so I needed to try to keep up with him if I could.  I knew it was a 6.2+ mile run, so I knew that at mile 6 I needed to tart pushing whatever I had in the engine. Entered the Speedway and did half a loop on the track… I was coming close to the guy in front of me. The best thing was that the didn’t even noticed. I was in ninja mode and coming close to him as a tiger. I saw the finishing chute getting close and I prepared to sprint to the finish. Passed this guy and saw that he couldn’t respond to my attack!!! At least I passed someone at the end!

Post race with Macca X Badass Extraordinaire! Evelyn taking 2nd place OA female!

So so so HOT! I was feeling really sorry for the people doing the Half Iron distance in THAT heat, but at least my suffering ended first! I really didn’t hope to get a podium spot because of my horrendous run. Then later one of teammates Michi tells me that I got 5th place…. And the podium was 5 deep!!! So I DID PODIUMED!!!


My teammates from Tri2One and MaccaX podiumed too, so it was a good day for everyone!

So many badassery combined!!! ;)   

The Numbers:


Swim: 20:37

T1: 0:43 

Bike: 1:18:21

T2: 1:01 

Run: 57:46

Total: 2:38:31


5th out of 12th participants


More racing to come!!! Until next time!!!