The season continues. Next stop TriMiami Sprint. First time giving a shot to this race, didn’t expect much.  The race was before 5 de Mayo…. And they had mariachis and Mexican hats all over the place.

The day before was horrible, but the day of the race weather was perfect. Basically straight out swim… very swallow water that you could walk instead of swim. Of to T1 with an all-out assault on the bike.

It has a technical bike course with lots of turns and u-turns. Lately Miami has been pretty windy…. Or maybe always it has been… or maybe I don’t know, well, the thing is that is was windy. Managed to do well on the bike, pass tons of people which always is good! Got back to T2.

With my Miley Cyrus personification! 

Amazingly… I liked the run, it had shaded areas and some soft trails. The only horrible part was a little run on the uncompacted beach just before the end.  Some people passed me but nothing to worry about. Until a mile to go a person that looked could be in my age group passed me.

Sharp turn to the finish line! 

At the end that person that passed me took my secured 3rd place spot in the podium and pushed me to 4th place.  Still having the never ending problems in the run, but still hoping that these will get better with time and dedication. The good thing is that I was really happy to break the hour in this modified Sprint distance!!!

Probably the best team in effin Miami! 

The Numbers: 

Swim: 08:27

T1: 0:43

Bike: 26:25 

T2: 0:48

Run: 22:39

Total: 59:02

4th out of 24th participants


Next race: Inaugural Miami Man Speedway - International Distance!!!!