First race of the season! Finally. My team and I decided to make a fun road trip to Central Florida. I’ll do several sprint races just to get the engine pumpin, and HITS would be my first race.

Pre race dinner with my peeps! Ricky, Coach, Bernie and Tamer! 

The day of the race weather was beautiful: sunny and in the lower 60’s (okay, I admit that for us South Floridians, that is freakin COLD).  Wetsuit legal and I had the fear of the wetsuit. The week before the race, I tried my wetsuit… and felt heavy and slow with it. Anyways, go time!


I feel my swim has improved astronomically, but during races, something always happens. So I start the swim and I was on the leading pack… but then I felt the struggle and heaviness of the wetsuit… couldn’t breathe and was choking. Had to stop to one of the kayaks until I could get my breath again, as I was seeing the lead pack leaving me behind. I was thinking of taking my wetsuit off, but I would lose even more time while taking it off… plus it was just a sprint… very short swim. I grab my breath and continued the swim. I felt heavy but just wanted to continue and finish the swim.

Swim out! Off to look for the strippers! (so they can take my wetsuit off ;) )Off to a frozen road I go! 

Exiting the water and some strippers took my demonized wetsuit off. Ran to T1 and jumped on lightning. It was cold, windy and a lots of rolling hills. Passed some people and I was trying my best. Saw my avg speed and was below of what I’m used to due to the wind and hills. On the bike turnaround I saw the leaders and make a count… only 10 ahead of me, of a mass start. I was calculating that maybe I could make it to podium. Returned and as I was un-mounting the bike I couldn’t feel my feet. They were completely frozen!

Onto the run! 

As I start running into T2, I couldn’t feel my legs…. They felt cramped because they were frozen, I was shivering trying to put my shoes. Accomplished the simple task and off T2. Saw my Tri2One teammates for the extra push. The run was surprisingly  my favorite thing of the race, it was a nice shaded path, like a trail run but without any rocks or roots. As I was getting to the turnaround I did another head count of people in front of me… just like 10, so it was possible that I would be securing a podium spot.

Keep going! Almost there! 

As I was getting close to the finish line I was looking back, and I had one person coming dangerously close to me… it was as I saw a ghost and started sprinting with whatever I had left in the tank!!! At the end guess what! My calculations were correct and I finished 2nd on my age group!!!

YAY! Podium!Everyone in my team podium! 

I think if I didn’t stop in the swim probably I would have landed first. But anyway, still happy with the result!

The Numbers:

Swim: 15:38

T1: 1:17

Bike: 37:31

T2: 1:8

Run: 23:22

Total: 01:18:56 

2th out of 13th participants 

The season started! BRING IT!!!