Finally the Holidays have past, and all the eating have been done :) . Monday officially starts triathlon training, and the new year brings new goals and objectives that are set to be crushed. So it’s time to take out my triathlon clothing, (or even buy new one), clean my trusty tri bike, Lightning, and jump to the pool back again!

I did a 5km and a half marathon race to see where I was standing. Well it seems that standing where I left before haha, which is good considering I haven’t been putting the time into training or being serious about it.  

In the offseason I had a lot of family visiting me for the end of the year. For starters I went to Atlanta and spent the Holidays over there. Atlanta compared to Miami, it was cold. Understand that for people in Miami, cold is like 60F / 15C. With Atlanta being in the lower 30F / 0C… feel my pain, and my aching! LOL. Had a good time with family and knowing a little of the city of Atlanta.

With my momma at CNN in Atlanta :)

Next weekend a group of friends and I are doing a 199 miles relay, but this is REALLY FUN! I did it 2 years ago, so I’m looking forward to it. Basically we are running from Miami to Key West non-stop. A team of 12 runners, each one covering a leg until we get there. My last team did it in 32 hours, let’s see how much we do this time! My running shoes are ready to have some FUN in the Ragnar Relay Series: Florida Keys! My team name’s is #Hashtag, so look for us in your favorite social media platform! LOL

The weekend after Ragnar, I’m finalizing the off season with A1A Marathon in Ft Lauderdale. I’m still debating if to do it or not, since the lack of training, so maybe dropping it to the half. My running shoes are not looking forward to this one! haha.

I wanted to post an update of where I am standing now, and remembering everyone that the offseason is to have fun, take it easy and being not so serious with your training. You body needs to recover of last year looong season, so it can be ready for when the next one comes in. :)