Last year in my flight to Hawaii I got to read “I’m Here to Win!” by Chris McCormack, or best known as Macca. The book got me super pumped as what to expect from Kona, and the book in a certain way is a rush of pure adrenaline. I’m a slow reader but I finished that book during my 10 hour flight. 

For the peeps who doesn't know who Chris McCormack is (for real, you live under a rock or something?) here are some of his credentials:

  • Won 76% of career events.
  • Finished on the podium 88% of the time.
  • Won 200+ races around the world since 1993.
  • 4x World Champion
  • Only person ever to be Olympic Course + Ironman World Champion.
  • 12 Ironman Victories, more than any other male.
  • Broken 8 hours in Ironman distances 4 times (Only man to break it more than twice)
  • Five-time International Triathlete of the Year.
  • Four-time Competitor of the Year.
  • ESPN World’s Fittest Man.

Macca winning the 2010 Ironman World Championship!, His second Kona title.

While in Kona, I met a lot of Pro Triathletes, and I had a chance to meet Macca himself. He had a special event with Cliff Bar and I got to meet him briefly and chat with him a little bit. I thought he may be this triathlon god, completely unreachable, that if you look at him straight into the eye, you probably will melt because of such an act of blasphemy against him. But actually, I was impressed that he actually is a pretty cool guy. Like one of your buddies, that you can have a beer and joke around with. He signed my book and a Ironman World Championship poster that I was given in check-in. Plus after meeting with Macca, the sponsor will give you a cool neon yellow shirt that said “Team Macca”.

Meeting Macca back in Kona. Signing my book and my poster :) . Photo courtesy of Alina M. Photography

The legendary race passed. I came back to Miami and tried to get my shit together. I was in the middle of moving and trying to figure everything out. The cool neon shirt was with all my goodies that I brought from Hawaii, and I start looking at the name of the sponsors… and one said MaccaX. Mmmm… let me Google that thing. So the deal was that Macca grouped 12 of his best sessions (4 for each discipline) for you to do and train just like him. Mmmm, interesting… maybe they can give me a little edge for next year. But really after Kona, I didn’t want to know anything that involved training. But other thing called my attention. If you signed up for the sessions, you will be getting access to the man himself, and a worldwide group of like minded individuals. 

So on December I decided to bite the bullet, got the MaccaX12 training videos and signed up with the Team MaccaX. I got access to the secret training sessions, which approaches to all levels, beginners, intermediate and pro. Got in to the secret Facebook group, MXVIP, where you interact with all other members, which are from all over the world… and even got some friends now via Facebook from places that I never even heard off. A month after signing up I got a sweet Under Armour Visor, which is the same that Macca uses in his races… sweet!

Later it was launch the Team MaccaX forum, an online forum where questions are asked and Macca, and some specialist answer them in a timely manner. You can bring discussions/ race reports/ resources/ a team map/ etc. It’s really a resourceful place.

Later they announced that Macca will do triathlon camps. To my surprise and happiness one will be here in Miami on November 6th to 10th, leading up to Miami Man Triathlon. The other one will be in Phuket, Thailand on November 27th to December 1st. I was completely in when they announced the Miami Camp! I will train with Macca himself!!!

Later on the year we received our cool and stylish team uniforms. Finally the world domination team will begin! They launch an app with the MX12 training programs, to have it handy when you need it. Soon they will have a revamp version, that actually will help you train and sync with your heart rate monitor and Macca will be talking with you and pushing you to the next level. If you look in iTunes, we have now a podcast, Macca Uncensored… that talks everything triathlon… race reports, news in the tri world, etc.

Team MaccaX Uniform! It makes me feel fast! (and slimmer!)

The team has a mission too. Not only being badasses in triathlon, but to help families with breast cancer, via the MaccaNow Foundation. The team made an “Embrace the suck” limited edition t-shirt with its proceedings going to help our friend Millhouse with his fight with cancer (the best part is that he’s doing awesome right now!). 

6 months after being a member and I received a limited edition Under Armour Macca sunglasses (or how the Aussies call them… sunnies)… how cool is that! Later it was announced the new program MaccaX PLUS, that gives even more great training videos and 3 triathlon training programs, to fit that training in.

We had the chance for Macca to analyze our current training, our goals and weaknesses. To my surprise I  got a personal message from Macca after he analyzed our data and how I can improve my triathlon training. I was flipping when the man himself commented on some of my pics! I mean… really?!!, it was like a message from the Triathlon God or something.

Macca commenting on my pics... *I'M NOT WORTHY *BETO DIES* x_x

I mean, seriously... how cool is that Macca comments on your stuff!

Additional to that, we had the chance to do Spreecast with Macca that included seminars/talks, there are contests, the Performance of the Month Award, the handicap system (which analyses team members performances), discounts, some other pro-triathletes coming on-board (Terenzo Bozzone, Belinda Granger, Justin Granger, Ben Greenfield, Brenton Ford, James Dunne and more coming!) and VIP entries to Challenge Series races. 

Almost a year of being a member and they have improved so much and I have seen the team grow to 530+ members. The cool thing is that the improvements don’t stop, and it keeps getting better. With the upcoming new training app, more Training Camps to be announced, (HINT: next year it will hit Los Angeles, Europe and Australia ;) ), and even a free cycling kit when I hit the year of becoming a member!.

With local teammate Evelyn, being showcased in the Team MaccaX Facebook page.

But if you ask me, the best thing about Team MaccaX is the people. I just want to be in the Macca Camp and meet all of these 100 new friends that are coming to Miami in around a month time :) .



Contest Time Beeches!

Disclaimer: The t-shirt is size small. If you are too huge, you can always give it to your significant other, your kiddos or your grandma.

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