Had a rough week prior to this race. I was actually thinking of maybe cancelling it. I had to travel back home to attend personal business, and I trained 2 days only. I didn’t feel fit as the prior races. But then again… Embrace the Suck!

Meet Earth's Mightiest Triathletes! Male, Ludo, me, Carlitos, Bernie, Craigypooh, Jill, Michy, Coach 

I guess what fueled me was to do better than last year race, plus I have a friendly rivalry with one of my teammates Craigypooh, since we are in the same group. He beat me last year in the same race, and of course that meant payback!. Last year we started together the run, side by side, it resembled the Iron War! but after a mile of so I faded, and he got to the finish line first. Check here for last year's race!


This year the course was almost the same on the swim and bike but completely different on the run, plus the distance in general was longer. Last year was 500m swim, 10 mile bike & 3.1 run, this year differ to 750m swim, 12mile bike, 3.1 run. Overall it was well organized, had really nice medals and the podium was one of the nicest I have seen in a local small race.


In a certain way I had a target on my back for this race. The last performances have impressed my teammates, so in a certain way I was the man to beat. So Craigypooh, Bernie, and Carlitos all line up in the swim start and off we went. Nice bay swim, I couldn’t warm up my arms as I had wish, and felt them in the first yards. I was trying to keep track of Craigypooh but finally I lost him. I know he’s a faster swimmer, but the strategy was to catch up and pass him on the bike (where lies my strenght), take as much of a lead I could do and try to keep that on the run. He’s a faster runner than me, so he definitely can catch up to me on the run.

I love this pic! Thank you Michy! 

Exited the water and to my surprise I was right behind Bernie (he has gotten so much faster in the swim!), that when he saw me I was right behind and passing him in the way to T1, he seems like he saw a ghost, or even the chupacabra!


Onto T1, passed Bernie, jumped on bike and off I went. All TT effort for me, to catch Craigypooh and to my surprise he was not that far away! Passed him, told him “Bernie is right behind me!”… and then suddenly Bernie passed me! Crap! I need to catch Bernie now! All out effort to catch him and finally passed him and took the lead from my teammates. The bike is my strongest so I better take advantage of it!

Full throttle! WARP SPEED BEECHES!!! 

Every turn I would check how far behind they were. I was feeling like a Pro! haha! The chase was on! Finally got to T2 and I screw up big time! I couldn’t find my rack and got lost in T2 for the first time ever! Lost a whole minute until a person of a relay shouted at me and said “Hey, it’s over here, your number!!!” I was like ACCKKKK!!! LM*&%^%#!!! And then I saw Bernie in T2 and taking the lead on the run!!! OMFG! I messed up big time and lost the lead for a stupid mistake!


Out of T2 and off to chase Bernie! After a bit I finally caught him and asked “how far behind is Craigypooh!?” He said he was near by!. Shit! I need to mofocking run if I don’t want him to catch me!

Here I was on my way back! 

Passed Bernie and continued to run as hard as I could. Man it was getting really hot, luckily there was some shading in the run. Got to the turn around, turned and got to see were was Bernie and he was really behind me and then I saw Craigypooh cutting distance fast! I was “OH SHIT!!!, IS ALL OR NOTHING!!!” . Somewhere in the run I saw Carlitos, maybe something happened to him I thought.

Here was after the second guy in my age group pass me, I was so close to the finish! SO MAD! 

A guy in my age group pass me, I was like “Crap, is happening again!” then finally I could see the finish line and another guy in my age group pass me AGAIN, I was doing an all out effort already and just didn’t have more legs to catch this guy! ARGGG! So frustrating! Finally finished and collapsed in front of my coach, were he started pouring cold water on top of me… felt SO good!

And of course my trademark move! 

So Bernie finished 30sec behind me and Craigypooh 40sec behind. Man! That was tough! So close!!! Now with Craigypooh we have a 1-1… and we are looking forward to settle the score once and for all! Need to train even harder to keep those guys behind me! :)

This is what love about my team, you keep pushing but your teammates keep pushing you EVEN FURTHER! Talk about motivation!


The Numbers:

Swim: 13:41

Bike: 34:42

Run: 21:59

Total: 1:12:00

6th place

Post race with the team! :) 

"Do. Or Do Not. There is no try." -Yoda