After racing Siesta Beach, my friends were thinking where to race next. Our teammate Bernie suggested to race Hungtinton’s Disease Triathlon. The good thing about these race is that all process go to research for the disease. It’s always good to race for a good cause! Plus the race site is the same as Miami Man, near the Zoo Miami, so the venue was quite familiar.

Pre race, ready to rumble!

Weather was perfect, mostly cloudy and no sun. Most of my teammates were doing sprint distance (including myself) and only 3 doing the International distance. 400 m lake swim, which I love, since I kinda dislike the salty taste left afterwards of sea water. My experiment here was to go all out on the bike, to see if my legs could hold the run with almost TT speed on the bike. From all the sprints distances so far in the year this have been the longest, 14 miles. I can say I managed pretty well the intensity and effort on the bike, although the last 3 to 4 miles were a bit uncomfortable on the saddle. I think soon I will have to check my fit on the bike. Maybe was the little wind I received towards coming to back to transition. At least it was not windy as Miami Man is!

Dismount to T2

Experiment done, now to test the legs, after a TT effort on the bike. First .5 mile tried to catch my breath, but keep the pace up. After finally managing the breathing in a hard effort in the run this was good to hold on. Literally nobody pass me on the run. I was felling weird since I always feel that this is were I screw up and lose positions. That gave me a lot of confidence, but I didn’t slow down, I actually was trying as much as increase the pace. The run was nice since most of it was shaded.

Off to the finish line

Finally got to the finish line hoping I placed first! No one on my age group passed me in the bike or run! There were no results posted and I was tickling to see my splits. After a WHILE, finally the results! Second place! Cool not bad, just around 3 min from First. Unfortunately it was an overall time and no splits to compare.

Done! :)

After waiting for everyone on my team to finish and finally waiting for prizes, I was called to the podium. I got my second place, took pictures and everything but then suddenly they call me back to the podium. Then they said I got 3rd place, and I was WTF!, did I get a penalty or something? Finally they explained that the guy that got first place lost his chip and had to report it. So that moved the places, the 1st to 2nd and the 2nd to 3rd… I bet the 1st place must had be very mad to be moved to second… I was no exception either!

Soooo this is my photo with the SECOND PLACE, snif, BASTARDS!!!and this is the pic with the correct placement... THIRD!

The Numbers:

Swim: 7:40

T1: 1:40

Bike: 37:48

T2: 0:46

Run: 22:07

Total: 1:09:59

3th place

I think now I’m ready to give my all in my last sprint race, 2575 FIU Triathlon, before jumping to Olympic and finally my “A” race, 70.3 Miami, at the end of the year. Sincerely I’ve been enjoying these Sprints distances, I still trying to find my distance…, some say I’m more suited for 70.3s… it’s funny since I have only done one it once and it was a disaster LOL

I got to meet a MaccaX Team members Evelyn and Carlos. I will soon have a little surprise to you and talk a little more about Team MaccaX, which is Chris McCormack “Macca” worldwide triathlon team. Stay tuned!

"To win is to overcome others. Victory is to overcome yourself" -Åsa Lundström