Previously in Road2Ironman: After the catastrophe (at least for me) in St Anthony’s I reset my training and started to do things differently. I was really disappointed with the results, and I know that the first quarter of the year I was not really focus… at all. Took some needed time off and said that I would be back.


Siesta Beach Sprint Triathlon

Before and after the race

So we went in a road trip to do a little race in Sarasota. We had a blast with the group, enjoyed the beach, went out to town like college kids and the best part is that most of us podium in the race. Including myself!


Although the race was a sprint, it was tough! The swim was a dishwasher, it was ROUGH, just seeing the times you will only image. Probably the roughest swim I had ever been in. The bike was good, a bit windy, but manageable… impressively I was passed only once. Felt good. The last part, the run, was a 5k on the white sand beach of Siesta Key. Survivable and luckily didn’t twist my ankle or anything. So tough to run in the beach! I need to take a mental note for the next time.

Surprisingly, I got second place in my age group. First time I hit the podium in second place. Felt great, specially after a hard little sprint race.

FIRST TIME 2nd PLACE PODIUM!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!Celebrating podiums with Bernie, Eddie and Tamer! 

The Numbers: 

Swim: 13:04

T1: 0:42

Bike: 33:43

T2: 0:39

Run: 25:33

Total: 1:13:41

2th of 13th



Independence Day Triathlon

Five days after my race in Siesta Key I raced again. Probably the shortest time frame between races that I ever had. I was not doing much for ID4, and my friend Mike convinced me to do the race. I didn’t had much to do on ID4, so I said… what the hell. I finally meet some peeps from Instagram, Arlene and Helena, that actually followed me while I was in Kona and shared some of the legendary war stories.

Arlene, her husband and Helena. Instameet in the making! 

Windy windy!

The swim was a flat lake swim, I really prefer these swims instead of ocean swims. I did something for the first time and was to be in front of the AG swim start. By no means I’m the fastest swimmer, but just wanted to test how much could I hold the pressure on the swim start. Was bad, I hyper ventilated and struggled too much, nothing to die for, but cost me to catch my breath in the swim. The bike was bit windy, this time I got passed maybe 4 times. The run was ok. I finally managed to learn how to breathe while running at a high cadence, which helps to keep a consistent pace during the run leg. After St Anthony's this was the top in my priority list, since I always felt my chest was going to implode in the run. 

With Mike after the race!

The Numbers: 

Swim: 07:17

T1: 0:43

Bike: 28:25

T2: 0:53

Run: 22:52

Total: 1:00:09

11th of 32th


I said I’ll be back and I am back! :). I did a little experiment and integrated another training pattern. Focused more on my weaknesses and added a secret training that I have been doing on my own. It has helped and in the long run I hope it will help me on my "A" race, Ironman 70.3 Miami. Impressively enough, this will be my second 70.3 race ever. (I have done 2 fulls IM but only one HIM? Yup.).

Lately I have meet good people, that inspire me to be better. I can finally say that the fire is back and I'm excited to race again!

Always believe in yourself, because YOU are the one that makes your own path.