A year has passed and I’m in St. Petersburg Fl once again. Great memories from a year ago came to mind,  cheer, laughter, and me trying to command a big group of people, plus an awesome RV and a nice house. 

Compared to last year only 5 team members came to race. But it was good to see familiar faces from the Miami tri community and people that I have meet from past adventures. Plus meeting new ones. Then again my only concern was the swim. I even didn’t take my wetsuit. From the beginning I planned to swim wetsuit-less even if the race was declared wetsuit legal.  (for more on the story check last year’s race report) 

Anyway. Traveled on Friday with a friend and shared the hotel. On Saturday morning I went for a bike ride around the race venue, like I did last year with the team. Felt weird being alone after being with so many people. Later on the day we meet with teammates and new friends and had some laughs and a nice dinner (that took forever to be seated)

Pre race dinner! Yum! 

Race day came upon us. The only weird thing I saw in transition was that the dude next to my transition spot, had a freaking trainer in transition and he was riding (WTH!) like… for real? Finishing that and headed for the swim start. The morning was a bit chilly,  and mostly everyone had a wetsuit, I was shaking worse than maracas in Carnival. As I was waiting to clean the pipes one more time, the pros went off and then the announcer came and declared that due to the risks involved in the swim, and how the currents were behaving, the race decided to cut the swim short to only half of the distance (750m). That will leave us to actually run to transition for maybe a half a mile away. 

Entered the water and I was trembling like crazy. I saw a guy next to me without a wetsuit in the same conditions (good, at least it was not only me!). And finally went off! As I was swimming the cold went away and felt normal. The swim remind me a little of an Ironman open water swim,  punching , drowning, pulling, all that fun stuff.


Exited the water and ran for ½ into T1. Headed out on the bike and felt actually good. I’ve been feeling very proud of my bike recently and within the first miles I passed several peeps. Some wind, and lots of turns, quite as I remembered from last year. My purpose was to leave everything on that bike, since regardless of anything else, the run would suck big time.


Back into the venue and into T2. Started the run. First mile and dying already. I had problems breathing. My calves felt super constricted in my compression guards (mental note: not to use compression again). Trying to keep the best pace I could but it was super hot, like I unfortunately remembered from last year. The good thing is that I didn’t feel any pressure at all. I didn’t know anyone competing in my age group so I felt kinda relieved because of that. The competition was mainly with myself. Turnaround at mile 3.1 and time to head back.

Increased the pace, but I was stuck. I knew I had a 6th gear but I was stuck in 5th gear and something was going on the transmission. I couldn’t breathe deeply as I’m used to do when I go all out. I felt like my heart rate monitors was constricting my chest, just not letting it expand. I just cross the finish line( in style of course) and let myself die. I even almost throw up after finishing (this has never ever happened). It was just so hot.

Bad race? Doesn't matter! ALWAYS FINISH STRONG! 

The Numbers: 

Swim: 14:54


Bike: 1:11:03

T2: 1:27

Run: 52:57

Total: 2:25:28

57th of 127


A year. A lot happened in that year. Probably the only thing that I didn’t want to do was to die inside my wetsuit haha. My only objective was to qualify for Nationals and follow my friend’s footsteps. I admit that my training was a bit irregular, especially at the base period and at the beginning of the year, I have not been really focused like I used to be. Real life has come to a play and I just had to deal with it. I didn’t qualify. I will be lying if I will say it doesn’t matter. I got a disappointed when I compared my numbers to last years. Almost the same. So be it, on to the next chapter.


I decided to take off for a while and reassess my future objectives or goals, because right now… I don’t have any. During this time off, I decided to do a little experiment with myself. Probably I will get leaner and stronger if it works. Let’s see! I'll be back!