New year new races. I was hoping to do a full marathon, but destiny had another plans for me. Last year I signed up for this race in a registration blitz, at the time I was like, yeah… I will be done with the season on October with maybe a Olympic or 70.3 distance. Never thought I will be doing a full Ironman in October, and even worse, that it will be the World Championship in Kona.


Anyway, after the Kona Aftermath, I decided to still do the race but I downgraded to the half. The training went well but I had to deal mentally that I wouldn’t be able to look for a PR in this race. The 1:42 PR I did in the same race last year will become unreachable, all what happened thru last year will be the motive. I was fine with that, and just wanted to get the thing done.


During training, my friend Leana asked me what was my goal for the race. I replied that with 2:00 or less I would be happy. She then asked if she could run the race with me. “Of course!”, and we decided to race together. That gave me a motive to run for and not just to get it done anymore.

Post race photo after the race with the whole team! 

Race day came, the team meet early as usual in the race site, took some pics and wished everyone good luck.  I couldn’t see Leana aka Pollito anywhere. She was waiting close to the corrals with her boyfriend, so in an insanely crowded place I found them. Finally we went to the corrals and waited for the start. I was feeling a bit sluggish and my stomach was not feeling well… I was hungry. I didn’t tell anything to Pollito because I was fearing I would mess up her race, after all I was there to help her.

Having fun with Pollito! 

And off we went. So far so good but it was so freaking humid. Pollito would stop to get water, and that will remind me when she will tell me “You never drink water Beto!”, hehe. Once we hit the beach I was feeling “blah” but Pollito would push me to continue and she was leading the pace.

With the gut of POWA! 

Crap! it was so hard!, I was having stomach cramps like crazy, but my primary directive was to make Pollito PR as I promised, I need it to continue no matter the cost. Finally when we got back to Miami after crossing the Venetian Causeway, we hear some cheering from our friends and the big crowds, start to push the pace as we were really close. Pollito saw the time and said that we had a good pace, I checked my watch, and knew that if we wanted to finish 2 hours or less we had to increase even more the pace. “We need to increase the pace”, and started to push more, I took the lead and waved at Leana to follow me. Heavily breathing and almost dying, we crossed the finish line in 2:00 exactly!

Thank you Pollito!!!! I'm so proud of you! 

Mission accomplished, Leana PR’ed and I could finally die. Although the plan was for me to help her, I ended up being saved by her, thank you Leana!!! I'm so proud of you!!!


The numbers:



I have done a couple of 5k to get some more running time and try to get back my run speed. It has been really hard. On December,  I did the Live Ultimate 5k, although not really racing, it was more to help a friend finish a 5k. On March, I did the inaugural iRun 5k, this one really racing it. I did it in 22min, just one min away from my fastest time. Coming along little by little.

On the Live Ultimate 5kiRun 5k, a cold race for Miami!  

My ultimate goal will be St. Anthony Triathlon at the end of April with the hopes of qualifying for USAT Nationals. Lets’ see!