My last triathlon of the season. I did the same race last year. It was 4 weeks after Hawaii, and I remembered I didn’t trained much for it and just used whatever was left from racing Kona to do it. This year was 2 weeks after Ironman Miami 70.3, I kinda trained lightly for it, but as Kona last year, Miami 70.3 took a toll on me. 

I knew I was faster than last year, the performance that I had in Escape to Miami confirmed it… and I felt pretty confident since Escape to Miami is way harder than Miami Man. I estimated that I could do a 2:15 easy compared to the 2:21 from last year. But man, Miami 70.3 really burned me out. I had been having some pain on my legs due to that race. But anyway, just needed to do one more race to end the tri season.

The week leading to the race was great. As you may have seen the post below, I was in a triathlon camp lead by the one and only 4x World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack. It was really fun and learned a lot, but I admit that at the end of each day I felt tired. Tired and all… IT WAS WORTH IT. So the camp finalized with the race on Sunday’s MiamiMan. It was great to see so many people with the Team MaccaX kit in the race. Usually in local races is only 2 or 3 of us with the kit. But on Sunday, we were EVERYWHERE!!!  IT WAS SO AWESOME!. Plus the presence of Macca on the race was the cherry on top of the awesomeness.

BIKE PORN! Macca's sweet Specialized S-Works Shiv!

Some of my local teammates from Tri2One were racing too. A lot of first timers in the International distance and Half Iron distance. Really excited for them!

Race day was a bit rainy. The swim was declared wetsuit legal, but I decided not to swim with a wetsuit. Causes: first one was mainly the memory of what happened to me in St. Anthony’s Triathlon last year, when I choke in my wetsuit. Second: I just have a full sleeve wetsuit, maybe if I had a sleeveless would have been different. I know the advantages of the wetsuit, but at least for me it has to be REALLY cold in order to swim with one.

My wave started at 8:05, pro wave started 5 min before with Macca leading the whole pack. I was feeling pretty confident in my swim. I have improved A LOT compared to last year. In my wave, EVERYONE had a wetsuit. I learned very good tips on the camp, so I put myself in a good position to start. Mistake! As we started everyone was knocking me out and passing me on top of me… I miscalculated the advantages of the wetsuit of giving extra speed to everyone. I was knocked out pretty hard before the first buoy. I lost control and I couldn’t breathe. I visualized one of the lifeguards and swam to him. I hold on to the board and told him that I just needed to catch my breath. He said, just take your time. As I watch the whole wave getting out of my sight… I just thought, so much for not using my wetsuit and still hyperventillating. Time passed, and when I saw I could get a hold on my breath I continued to swim. In camp I learned board shorting that is a way to draft in the swim, but I couldn’t find no one to draft off… I was just passing people until the end.

T1 went pretty smoothly. Learned good tips in the camp too. Off to the bike! I knew that the bike course is windy… always is. I felt a tail wind and I knew it was the opportunity to hammer down. Close to the turn around I saw Macca biking back and flying. On the way back we had a strong headwind. I just needed to keep the RPM up and be constant in speed. Around this time I always have a caffeinated gel to give me a second kick but as I was opening it… I dropped it. I was like CRAP!, lost nutrition is never good. Embraced the suck and continued until the end.

What are you doing posing for photos? GOOOO!

While I was biking, Macca should have been running already, yes just like this.

T2, more great tips from camp came handy. On transition I placed my bike on the rack but after a bit it fall to the floor. BUAAHHHH!!! MY POOR BABY!, picked her up, place her correctly on the rack, put my shoes and ran. I wanted to have the run I had in Escape to Miami in this race. But that run was left somewhere on that late September race. I could feel that I just didn’t have it. I had a good pace the first 3 miles of the run. Around this time my buddy Tamer passed me on the run… he was flying and it was his first International distance… I was so proud of him. But then what always happens occur… people on my age group start passing me in the run. My pace started slowing down considerably and I just dint have the legs to pull not even a sprint finish, even thought I had a person of my same age group in front of me at the end of the race. When I got to the finish line it was great to hear Macca and some peeps of the MaccaX Team cheering for me :). Panda Kick (unfortunately no photo :( ) to celebrate my last race of the season!

Yards from the finish line... DYING!!! 

After the race I started looking for my friends, I found Tamer and congratulated him on a fantastic race… he even podium at 3rd place in his age group., I told him that I hated him LOL. Macca came by and ask how did it go. I told him I did good but just didn’t have it on the run. He said if I heard him cheering me as I was finishing and joked at the way I was running at the end, “You look really focused!”, I answered “Thanks! But I was dying!” LOL.  Saw other friends and a lot of the people of the camp podium in the race. It was great to see so many peeps with the MaccaX kit everywhere.

Macca making fun of me of how I was running at the end LOLProper photo with Macca and my buddy Tamer

Team MaccaX awesomeness!Upcoming Pro Jenna and with the man in charge of Team MaccaX, Azza!

The Numbers:

Swim: 18:55

T1: 1:7

Bike: 59:51

T2: 1:8

Run: 55:4

Total: 02:16:05 

13th out of 48th participants 

Compared to Escape to Miami, I was in a certain way out of shape. The week leading to Ironman Miami 70.3 until Miami Man I gained around 5 pounds. I didn’t work on my core and I was just burned from that hot day in Miami 70.3. Compared to the numbers last year I did way better on the swim, considered that I stopped at the beginning and swam without a wetsuit. I was faster on the bike and on the transitions, but I had the same run time from last year. With all and everything I PR on this race by 5 min. I was just 1 min off the estimated time I was aiming for. Definitely I cannot imagine how much more time I could have taken off if I had swam with a wetsuit and ran at the pace I can run now. Anyway at the end it was a good day, weather was perfect… it was cloudy and not that hot. I felt bad for the people doing the half distance since the sun came out afterwards.

With my mates! Tamer and Bernie! 

Off season officially starts for me. So what now? Have some plans in mind, but cash is short right now, so I need to set my priorities first. Time to relax for a bit and work on my weaknesses, to have a stronger season next year. Until next time peeps!


Road2Ironman- Season 4 Finale.