So 2012 have past, and a lot has happened. I always feel at the end of the year that I have never done anything good in my year. I don’t know if that feeling that I get is because I am getting older or else. But anyhow, here’s a recap of the last year:  

January: The year started with a get together of a group of 12 friends to do the Ragnar Relay Series: Miami to the Florida Keys, it was a really fun weekend where we ran continuously for 30 hours for 199 miles. My highlight was running the 7 mile bridge. We were fully dressed up and had a blast! At the end of the month I did the ING Miami Half Marathon, where I finally broke the 2 hours barrier and PR at 1:42.

We're sexy and we know it! Ragnar Relay FL Keys

February: Super Spartan Race! This was for sure an adrenaline rush race! 8 miles of obstacles, super, super fun! I was afraid that I would get injured on this one, but it was really fun to do.


March: FIU Sprint Triathlon, this was the first tri of the season, and a good race to restart the engine again. PR on sprint distance at 59 min. 

Good times


April: You are the chosen one! Nautica South Beach Triathlon, a very hot race and felt like crap on this one. Nice swag thou! On April 15th I received the news that from 8000 applicants, I was within 100 chosen to go to Kona for the Ironman World Championship via the Kona Lottery. The Kona Saga begins! At the end of the month was St. Anthony’s Triathlon, almost died on my wetsuit, but survived the race!

The Kona Saga Begins!


May: Not much happened this month. Boooooring


June: Oh no! Disaster strikes! So here is when things got ugly. While prepping to start training for Hawaii, I sprained my ankle and my world fell apart. Doctor’s said I highly unlikely will be able to do Ironman. Time to prove him wrong!

The infamous baseball game, where I sprained my right ankle.


July: After 5 weeks in clutches and not being able to walk, by the middle of the month I started swimming. At the end of the month I was biking again. Started physical therapy sessions 3x a week until August. Meet Chrissie Wellington :)

Not being able to walk sucks, very sad days


August: Olympics month! At the beginning of the month we went to Clermont, FL to bike train some hills. My bday landed during a hurricane, in which I had to cancel festivities. At the end of the month I finally started running again within 8 weeks until Kona.

Best bday cake ever!


September: Miles started building up, and I was doing whatever was possible in the run. Because my bday fell under a hurricane, I made a Hawaiian Themed BBQ party on September. I was very happy to have the people that I love to celebrate. Workouts of epic proportions started to appear. Stress levels up to the roof since I was moving, training, and insane loads of work all together, plus prepping up for the trip to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Themed Bday Party!


October: Ironman World Championship! On Oct. 13, nearly 1,800 athletes embarked on a 140.6-mile journey that presented the ultimate test of body, mind and spirit. The time had come to make the impossible possible! Ali, Mickey, Gabe, Ryan and Allison came with me to have an experience of a lifetime. Plus Allison became the Ironman World Champion in her age group (in her first try! I'm telling you she's not human!). Meet Crowie, Chris Lieto, Macca, Chirssie, Leanda Cave and so many others. Proud to be the only representative of Ecuador in Kona, certainly it was the toughest thing I had ever done in my life, but stranglely enough it was beautiful and I survived it, injured and all.

Absolutely unreal. Ironman World Championship


November: The Kona crew came together again for one more last time to see the broadcast of the Ironman World Championship with a special guest: the Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave! Last tri of the season, Miami Man triathlon, broke PR and that was the last use of my Ironman powers. The Kona Saga ends.

Kona watch party with the 2012 Ironman World Champ Leanda Cave


December: Time used to catch up with friends and trying to be normal for once. After sleeping in couches for 2 months over friends, I finally moved to a new headquarters. The Kona aftermath, some personal hardships start to develop, and kinda shitty last weeks of the year. So looking forward to the New Year.


So there you go. To exception of my injury and my shitty December, the year was good… really good. Life is not a video game where you have several lives, you just have one… so you better make good use of it and live like there’s no tomorrow.

To finalize here are my numbers of the year! Compared to last year I did 100 less, because June, July and August were cut short on workouts due to the injury. If not for the incident I would have passed 3000 miles!

As far as the new year, I just want to focus a little on myself, let go of the drama and be happy, that's all :).