The week started a little iffy. After the Tropical Storm Issac hit us on the weekend, still some bad weather continued until Monday. With the pool closed, I opted to go t a run after work. 

Six miles done breathing heavily. I thought to myself, “this will be harder than expected”. The good thing was that my ankle didn’t flare up at all. Right now is more to get the cardio back. To put a comparison, I was doing 6 miles in :45 min. Now I do it in 1:01 min. On Tuesday the roads were still dirty and with lots of debris from the storm that the bike ride was cancelled too. I did a 30 min ride in the trainer. 

Finally Wednesday started to look normal again and I hit the track. Really trying to work up the running and increasing the pace. Thursday I had to skip the bike ride to pick up my dad at the airport and on Friday a good swim at the pool.

Saturday started the good stuff, the legendary-epic bricks. “Bricks” are sessions where you do swim/bike or bike/run combinations workouts. They are called “bricks” because you will start feeling you legs heavy as bricks.  This brick consisted on 80 miles: 10 mi warm up followed by 4x (15 miles on Ironman Pace and 1 mile run) followed by 10 mile cool down. It got really hot and I ran out off water, so I didn’t finished the workout and skipped the 10 mile cool down at the end. Plus I needed to go home to host my BBQ/Pool Party, “Kona Inspired” style that is!

Thank you all for coming! Mahalo!

Since I had to cancel the BBQ because of frickin Issac, I got the opportunity to do it on Saturday after my brick. The day was perfect! Family and friends having a good time and enjoying lots of food and beer (it was INSANE the amounts of beer that there was). The party was Hawaiian Inspired, so we were giving leis, some peeps brought the full Hawaiian outfit with them, Kona Electric lemonade (Thanks Cynthia!) and we had a limbo contest (Thanks Cynthia!)!

Lots of cake! Thank you sis and Ana!

Talking about limbo! You guys wanna have fun! watch the video below! 


Let's limbo!

My teammates were so exited for the World Championships that I did a special mention for the peeps who recently qualified for London. I got the idea from the Ironman World Championship, where the finishers and champions receive big leis when they finish the race. Too bad not everyone could be there, but for the ones who showed up – THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!

Tri2One representing in World Championships! Beto in the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii; Ori, Amrei and Mickey in the 2013 ITU Sprint World Championship in London and Joey in the 2013 ITU Olympic World Championship in London, England! We only missed Julie (2012 ITU Sprint World Championship in Auckland, NZ) and Andrew (2013 ITU Sprint World Championship in London)! 

After having lots of fun, we are back in business. Really tired from the party (mental note: being host is HARD!), the next morning some of us meet for the long run of Sunday. Kudos for the people that after partying showed up (Ori, Cynthia and Ana)! I had 10 miles to run. First long miles after a while, after just running 6 miles the past weekend. Held up well, I guess all this runs I’m in surviving mode. My left knee flared up, so next run I’ll tape it.

40 days until the Ironman World Championship!