When a calm and gentle heart gets disrupted... he is pushed beyond limits and transforms into the Super Saiyajin!!!!

Man! What a week! Stress have increased to Super Saiyajin levels, where I'm barely holding it up together. Kinda the same situation as last week but worse. Moving, looking for a place to live, work, training, sacrificing recovery time = no bueno. If it wasn't for the support of friends, and their encouragement to hold up together...


Isn't she beautiful and sexy! Lightning is ready to go!

So on the good side of things, my good friend Mickey borrowed me her Zipp's 404 to race Kona. I was really excited since I have never tried race wheels. On Monday I picked up the bike from the good people of Top Dog Cycle, and Lightning looks so beautiful and sexy in her wheels. I guess I know now what to expect for Christmas ;) . On Tuesday I went with Lightning for a spin and for the first time ever I hit 26 mph in an all out 3 min sprint. WHOA, never tought I could reach that speed! These wheels are amazing! 

Long 4 x 3km in the track. Thanks Mickey for the photos!Long 4 x 3km in the track. Thanks Mickey for the photos!

Wednesday on the track was an interesting day. The whole Tri2One team was racing Escape to Miami on Sunday, so they kinda had an easy run. I had a tough 4x 3km intervals, and let's say that I was in the middle of my 2 set and everyone was done already with their workout and left LOL. I really appreciate that some people stay to motivate me, thanks Mickey, Ali and Gabe!

4 hours on the trainer. Never EVER again!4 hours on the trainer. Never EVER again!

Apocalyptic Brick, Episode 3: Attack of the Storm! I was looking forward for Saturday brick to ride with Lightning and her new upgraded wheels. Got to the training grounds, and some rain started to pour. I though it was going to be something light. An hour passed, and it was a freaking storm. I just couldn't see anything in front of me. I remembered my friend Ricky saying: "It's not the time to do anything crazy". Several months back, around 4 to 3 weeks before his first Ironman, he fell from the bike and broke his collar bone. He had to step out from doing Ironman, which he so hard trained for. That always stick to me since then, so I thought to myself "it's better to be safe, than sorry". So i went back to the training grounds, talk to coach to see what could I do, and said to do 4 hours in the trainer at home. So I did. If I struggle to to do an hour in a trainer, imagine doing 4 hours! In that time I read, watch Saturday Morning cartoons, played with my phone, etc. This was too, the last day I will ride with Lightning. After the workout, I had to drop her off to get her shipped to Hawaii. I will see her again in 2 weeks!

This was as I was finishing my 18 mile run, crashing the Escape to Miami run course!


After my 18 mile run. Thanks Compressport for keeping my legs fresh and Yurbuds for the company on my long run!

Sunday, was a big day for the team, since they were doing the Escape to Miami triathlon. One of the toughest races here in Miami and Tri2One had a big representation of 39 members racing! Very excited for everyone, but too bad I was not racing. Instead I had a long run of 18 miles in schedule. So I went... and then at around mile 4 I noticed I forgot my Fuel Belt with my gels. Where could I find drinks or gels? Escape to Miami! Re-arranged the run course so I could fit the course of E2M. For 14 miles ran without anything. Entered survival mode and crash into the E2M run course like if I was part of the race LOL. Finally got some drinks, but started to get muscle cramps because running sans-e. I continued, and saw my teammates from the Olympic Distance race killing it out there. A big problem now in the run is that I still have stomach cramps. Mmmmm... what to do?

Bibs are up! the thing is real! I'm going against 167 people on my age group!

Ironman World Championship is now 20 days away! The bibs are up!!! My lucky number will be 1721 and I am the only person representing my home country! Holy Guacamole Batman! What an honor!