So this week I started to bike earlier than the rest of my group. Usually everyone meets at 5:45am to start our rides. But I start at 5am and meet them at 5:45am. This means I have to wake up at 4:30am on Tuesday and Thursdays! (I know, crazy!). My workouts are getting longer, bike rides, track days and weekend bricks. 

Unfortunately this isn't the only thing happening right now, the loads of work has increased in the office, plus I need to start looking for a pace to live. My lease is ending, so I started packing and moving stuff around little by little, but I will be "homeless" by the end of the month of September. Luckily, a very good friend of mine is letting me crash in her place for some days, until I get something in November. On work I've being getting out late, and I've been missing my evening wokouts, having dinner late, and going to bed late, resulting of lack of rest... which means no proper recovery. All of this comes together with 30 days from Kona. Pfff... patience, need more patience padawan!

Breakfast before Apocalyptic Brick, oatmeal with almond milk, 2 toast with strawberry jam and a cup of water

Apocalyptic Brick, Episode 2: Geicoach Strikes Back! On Saturday, I had an interesting workout of 90 mile bike and 10 mile run. I hadled the bike very well to my surprise, I went from Key Biscayne to Black Point Marina and back. Nice ride with wind, rain, and sun. Felt really good! and used the opportunity to try my Rudy Project Wingspan aero helmet to get used to the weirdness of it LOL. The Apocalypse came during the run. I don't know why lately I feel that I don't have legs to run after the bike. I was lucky to have Super Gabe coming with me during the run. It was HOT, very very very very very very very very HOT! We did fine for 3 miles and then started walk-run. Around mile 4 I started to have a stomache, but once we hit the turn around, it was just unbrearable. I felt bad for Gabe that had to stick with me during the walk, then Ali joined us too. They had to go to a birthday party, but decided to stay with me during my zombie walk. I was profundly grateful! Several people that know me pass around and cheer me up, but still, my stomach and my legs were bricks. I felt that I dissapointed everyone.  I felt like when the good guys lose in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, the Empire and Darth Vader win (the brick, the heat, stomache, my coach Marcelo aka Geicoach), defeating poor Luke Skywalker (me) and the Rebel Alliance.

Apocalyptic Brick, episode 2: Geicoach Strikes Back! DONE!!!

Another weekend without a nap after my brick. The same day had to run around to do stuff. Meet with Mickey and Ryan at Top Dog Bike Shop so they can install Mickey's Zipps 404 and have the bike cleaned and tuned ready to get shipped next Saturday to Hawai'i. Later had to measure a suit for a wedding that I'm going to, then went back home to continue packing. Sunday the same, packing and took some stuff over to my friend Florian. Later on the day, I trained a friend of mine to help her run 5 miles (and that was my day off supposedly!).

Anyway 30 days now! Need to put my crap together (in all aspects of life!)!