After a great bday celebration it was time to get back to work (er... training). My coach Marcelo already was savoring what he had plan for the next couple of weeks, so it was time to start the pain.

On Labor Day, we varied the swim and went for an OWS. The swim was led by my friend and Iron Bro, Coach Joey. Last year we train together for our first Ironman, and needless to say he's the PRO of our team. On Ironman Florida he was Top 10 out of the water, beating all the pros! So he IS the most indicated to lead us on our swim. On Friday he joined our pool session and checked most of our swimming techniques. I was really happy to hear that my technique was good, and that I just had to do a little correction on the pull (it seems I'm opening to much my arm while pulling). I have been working a lot on the swim, so I guess hard work has paid off.

On Labor Day I finally finished reading "A Life Without Limits". Got me mentally strong for Kona.

After the TT!

Tuesday we had a Time Trial Test. It has been a while since I had my last one, so I was looking forward to it. My numbers for a 10 mile TT were the following:
Total time 27:15 
Avg speed 22.1mph
Max Speed 25.8 mph
Avg HR 162 bpm 
Max HR 170 bpm 
Avg Bike Cadence 86 rpm 
Max Bike Cadence 107 rpm
My objective eventually is to hit 24mph, someday... someday!

On Saturday started my personal journey. Apocalyptic Brick of 100 miles on the bike plus a 3 mile run. I started like at 6am and finish it like at 1pm. Took advantage to practice nutrition, and wear some new compression gear from Compressport. The 3 mile run was horribly hot, and my stomach started to hurt a bit. Took notes on what probably did wrong on the bike nutrition.

6 water bottles, 2 bottles of Perpetuem, 6 Accel Gels, 2 2nd Surges, 2 Honey Stingers, 2 Cliff Bars.An Ironman, training for the Ironman World Championship and listening to Black Sabbath's Ironman!

Sunday had a HOT 15 mile run. Felt tired since I didn't rest well on Saturday after my brick. I was lucky to find Juju and Ori along the way and help me to raise the pace a bit. But the objective was done and miles log in. Later that day we meet with Mickey, Ali, Gabe and Ryan to plan our Kona trip!

After my HOT 15 mile run. Sponsored by Compressport and Yurbuds

The Kona Crew! 

I think these workouts are made to break you.
I you complete them, you will become stronger; if not... you are simply not worthy.