Breakthrough Week! 8 weeks until Ironman Kona and I am finally running!

You read correctly


Not full speed, but at least I’m moving my legs now. Ankle still hurts a bit but it's gettting easier as time goes. On Wednesday we had a 3k test. I decided to push and stop being conservative. For the test,  I completely missed the target distance and did like 400m more on the track. Coach said that he would not count my test since he knows I’m faster. He mentioned that I’m at 60% of my pre-injury speed. Guess what... It’s comeback time!


Supposedly we had a TT test on Saturday, but because of the horrible tropical storm Issac it had to be canceled. Another thing that Issac blew away was my bday. I planned a BBQ but the weather was not helping at all, so I had to postpone it until next week.

Wet n' Windy Saturday's bday run with Tropical Storm Issac 

Later that Saturday night we decided to meet with some friends for some pizza and chit chat. Some friends and teammates met together to enjoy some great pizza and some beers. The great surprise came from Juju and Maria Alejandra that brought me some home made cakes! Delicious stuff! Juju’s cake was even an Iron Cake!!!

Isn't this the best bday cake ever?!! Thanks Juju!Thank you all the ones that showed up in a stormy night to have a bite with this old fart! Erika, Maria Alejandra, Coach Marcelo, Stephanie, Florian, Brenda, Craig, Carlos and Alexis! 

Next week starts the fun stuff. Full Ironman training ahead and it will be the most interesting thing to do. I have prepared a 70 mile bike followed by a 10 mile run on Saturday and a 10 mile run on Sunday. I have to add that the longest I have run is 6 miles (and I’m dying!). Let’s see what happens!