Easy week for the whole group, since it was race week for almost everyone. We have such a big variety on the group that is amazing what my fellow teammates can achieve. We had people racing not only locally (Key Biscayne Trilogy #3), but in Benton Harbor, Michigan for Ironman Steelhead 70.3 (Go Brenda!) and people racing the USAT Age Groups National Championship in Burlington, Vermont. Plus I have to say that 5 out of our 8 team members qualified for the ITU World Championship and they are representing Team USA in London, England nect year... HOW COOL IS THAT! Congrats, Joey, Mickey, Ori, Amrei and Andrew!

So because of all this racing this weekend, we had an easy week. No 100,000 miles rides or anything like that. The only breakthrough was my return to the track! Slow as a turtle, but I was so happy to be (ahem!) jogging again. Like 3 minutes away from my old speed but it good to have the legs moving. My PT recommended to start moving the legs and have the blood flow to the injury. Plus the track's soft surface will help make it easier on my ankle. So it was good to be back :)

Electrocuting myself at work. Talking about World Championships! On Tuesday some friends and I meet together to give one of our teammates a special surprise. Juju from road2worlds.com was honored by us with a special gift. As this past weekend our teammates qualified for the ITU World Championship next year in London; Juju, was in fact the first to qualify for the World Championship at the same race last year. She inspired the dreams of many athletes to be part of Team USA and represent the country in a World Championship. This year she will be racing at Auckland, New Zealand in the ITU Sprint World Championship. Below is video of last year's event (which had the finals in Beijing), what is waiting for her and what she helped inspire! (heck! she even inspired me to try to go to Nationals next year!)


Me (WTH I look so old in this picture!), Ali, Gabe, Andrew (he just qualified for London!), Ori (she just qualified for London!), Mickey (she just qualified for London!), Juju (the honoree and the one who inspired them to qualify!)

Friday was slacker day. Only 5 people show up to swim practice. Since our coach was out of town in Nationals, everyone seem to take a Sabbatical! Unacceptable! At least on Saturday, they show up with puppy faces and their tails between their legs. The good thing was that I was really happy to be part in a team's brick again. It was a pre-race workout that basically involves a 30 min bike, 15 min run and 10 min swim. Since I have been doing my weekend's workout by my own it was nice to have a group feeling back again.

 Empty pool makes me sadYay, I made it to the picture!

Last week marked exactly 60 days until the Ironman World Championship. Being injured sucks big time. I have the one-of -a-lifetime chance to be in the biggest endurance race in the planet and I can't run. I have come to realize that nothing else can be done at this point for my ankle. In a certain way I was punishing myself; carrying the weight of the world in my shoulders; the people that have trusted and helped me in ways that I never thought were possible... and that I have disappointed them all. The fact is that I will not return to race speed in time, but you know what... I'm fine with it. Admitting that fact has finally bring me peace within myself. I feel more happy now, and that is what counts :)

On the local Key Biscayne Trilogy #3 race.... INSPIRATION! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU SET YOUR MIND INTO IT!