Real unexpected things happened before I start Kona Training. Three weeks ago I sprained my right ankle while going to watch a baseball game.  My coach said: “God punished you for going to watch a baseball game!” haha.  I thought well some RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) will do the trick. Three days after, bruises started to appear on my foot… so I thought, “this is not a good sign”.

X-Rays. Next time I will tell them to infuse me with some adamantium.

Life in clutches. 

Three weeks have passed since the ankle sprain. I did x-rays 3 times and no bone broken, I wore a cast for 2 weeks, and right now an air cast protects me. Although the swollenness have come down drastically, my foot still is not back to normal. My fingers are all purpleish and swollen. Kona Training started with daily visits to the physical therapist in which for 30 min he will connect electrodes to my foot to apply electricity and cover the foot with a ice+compression boot.

Cast away and ice machineElectrodes + ice/compression machine

I asked the PT: “So how it looks?, when do you think I will be able to go back to track”, while looking at my foot and thinking for a while he said: “I would say 3 months”. I was thinking to myself “OMFG, Kona is on 3 months”.  I explained the whole situation to him; I’m doing an Ironman, a World Championship and blah blah blah. Being positive he said that maybe it would take 4 to 6 weeks to walk normally. That leaves me with just around 6 weeks to train for the toughest endurance event on the planet.

Soaking my foot in epson salts with warm water for 20 min. 

To speed recovery I’m maintaining my leg raised whenever I can, eating healthy, soaking my foot in Epson salts for 20 min, applying topical magnesium, ice, compression, bulking on vitamin C and anti-inflammatories. The good thing is that the therapist let me go back to the pool but with the pull buoy, so little by little I hope to get back to my normal routine.

During my cast days, my friends and I had the opportunity to watch a football/soccer game "The World Soccer Masters Tour" with the best player of the World, Lionel Messi. That day rained non-stop and since I couldn't really from the handicap section I ended super soaked! (But awesome game anyways!) 

On July 4th, I was very blessed with the presence of my Tri-2-One teammates and some friends on my apartment building. Organized by Juju from Road2Worlds, they decided to do a get together and cheer me up and make a 4th of July BBQ on my place! I haven’t seen them in 3 weeks! (and for some weird reason they miss me LOL). This meant a lot to me, I’m always following up their training and I wish I could be there training with them. This showed me that not only I have to get better for my health, but most importantly for them, they believe in me and certainly I cannot let them down. Simply, it’s not an option. I am really, really thankful for them and the positive vibes they are sending me.

4th of July 2012. My Tri-2-One teammates are simply AWESOME. Thank you so much guys, I needed a boost!

I followed up with the doctor on Friday. The good thing is that the ankle area is almost back to normal, but the foot is another thing.  Not much progress on the swollen area. I currently have a burning sensation in the inside part of my ankle (below the medial malleolus area) and the source of bruising is around the 4th metatarsal bone. I can move the ankle a little, but I still have not full range of motion. The doc decided to send me to do an MRI to know what’s really going on. The results will come on Monday.

MRI bound. Unlocking the truth.Ironman World Championship Training Week 1 and the Kona challenge doubled now. Now is not even to finish Kona but to get to the start line.

I will prove the doctors wrong, challenge accepted!!!