Little by little coming back to the hang of things. On the swim, the tape on my ankle has help a lot. On the bike, I have no problem, although I kinda feel the ankle when I'm off the saddle.

On Tuesday a received a very nice email from Ironman. It gave me the goosebumps!!! To think I'm going to be with the World's Greatest Triathletes!!! Check it out!!!

This is so surreal!!!

Over the course of the week I starting to hit some weights. As my PT recommendation I use the elliptical and tried it. Not good on the ankle since I still feel the pain. Next week I'm trying aqua running/jogging since I heard it does wonderful things for crippled men like me LOL

Therapy continues...

On Saturday another 70 miler on the bike. I felt good that I could drop down around 20 min from last weekend. I guess my powers are really coming back little by little.

The start time is really close by 8 seconds from last weekend!