I can do now something that many of us take for granted, but after 5 weeks I can truly say I CAN WALK

Man! I missed walking. Being on clutches and jumping on one leg was a severe test to my patience. To think that on middle school and high school, every year I would wear a cast on my leg for a month. At the time I would have mom take care of me of course, but now as an adult with the responsibilities of middle age boy, sure it stinks!

On Thursday I decided to take the legs for a easy spin and ride Lightning. I felt really weird being back on the saddle, but no pain on the ankle, so that’s good. My ankle starts hurting when I fully flex my foot. Since on the bike you try to keep the foot flat, I have no problem.


Chrissie and me :)The same day, we were meeting with my Tri-2-One teammates to meet the 4x Ironman World Champion, Chrissie Wellington. She was presenting her book “A life without limits”, she talked a little about herself, the reason of why she wrote the book, answered some questions and then proceed to signing and have some pictures. She was really inspiring, basically she came from being a nobody in the triathlon world and win her World Championship, which surprised a lot of people. It got into me when she described her first World Championship, when she got into Ali Drive into the finishing chute, is amazing that in a couple of weeks I will be there living the same. When my turn came, I told her that I’m going to Kona. She said, “That’s so amazing, congratulations!”and she said to have FUN and to ENJOY the moment! For sure I will!

Having a little chat with Chrissie and her signing my book

Friday I officially came back to the pool. Man! It was hard. My ankle hurts a bit on the kicking and I’m having a hard time pushing off the wall. I have completely lost my powers, that I have work so hard over the preseason to get better on my swim. Cardio is on ZERO. You need to be more patience Padawan, PATIENCE! Next pool season I’ll tape my ankle and see how that works, hopefully it will give me a little more support on my broken paw.

On Saturday the Tri-2-One team had a pre-race workout since they were racing on Sunday. I was so happy to be back and join their prerace workout on the bike (afterwards they had to run and then swim…). It really cost me to keep up with them… I had never seen my HR in Z6 before!!! It just get frustrating when people starts passing you or you cannot keep up with the people in the same level as you! UGH!. Anyways, their 30 min bike was done and I decided that I had to make up for lost time and went ahead to ride 70 miles.

We split ways and then I was by myself. Good thing my friend Ori borrow me some sunscreen because it was HOT and WINDY (the Kona conditions!). My training schedule indicated that I had to be in Z3 most of the time with some 30 sec Z4 intervals. My heart was stuck in Z4 and I couldn’t get it down. I couldn’t get into my happy gear (I call this the gear for my Z3), and I was warming up gear most of the time. Three hours into the ride and I was hungry, I shove down a Power Bar and continued. The sun catch on me, and my last available water bottle was almost boiling from the heat. I wanted to quit but I remembered Chrissie’s Thursday speech which basically said “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”, and continued. My heart collapsed to Z2 and I couldn’t get it higher now. I was thinking of stopping again when I hit 60 miles, but then I remembered another quote “I’m not stopping when I’m tired, I’m stopping when I’m DONE”.

With a broken paw and zero cardio, but guess what...I AM BACK!!! (at least on the bike :p)

This bike ride was probably the toughest ride I have done since Ironman, and probably the Ironman ride was even easier for the fact that at the time I was in shape!

Sunday-Funday! My awesome Tri-2-One teammates destroyed the competition on the 2012 Key Biscayne Trilogy#2 and I was there to see the whole action unfold!. Later we celebrated our friend Ali's bday from www.alinamphotography.com with some burgers (I know! very bad but it was just so good!)

Juju from www.road2worlds.com, bday girl Alina from www.alinamphotography.com, Gabe, Ale, Ori and they cut my head