Came Monday and another follow up with the doc. Finally the MRI results came in and I will know the truth. So what do I have?

·      A tear in the anterior talofibular ligament
·      A sprain of the calcaneofibular ligament
·      A sprain of the deep fibers of the deltoid ligament
·      A bone contusion medially in the talus

MRI scans, like out of a horror movie.

I know, get your anatomy books, because I had to do the same. So the tear in the ligament is probably the worse thing. Although my PT said that the bone contusion probably will be the slowest to get better. Now I’m just following whatever exercises my PT recommends and see how it goes. As recovery goes the doc says it just depends of my healing factor… everyone is different.

Swimming with pull buoy

The good news is that I started walking… little by little, with the support of the compression sock and little by little got rid of the air cast. I swam a little with the pool buoy. As expected I’m super slow now (at least compared where I was at before the injury), logically the same will happen to my bike and run. Next week probably I will be able to bike again if everything goes well. I’m estimating 4 weeks until I gain my fitness back on the pool and bike. The run will be another story, but it will be what it will be.

Lots of Iron reading!

I have been reading a lot lately, because of my down condition. I read “You are an Ironman” by Jaques Steinberg and “Ironwar” by Matt Fitzgerald. The first relates the journey of 5 weekend warriors to race Ironman Arizona, I’d recommend this book if you’re going to do your first Ironman and what to expect from the Iron training. “Ironwar” relates the story of the 2 greatest triathletes ever, Dave Scott and Mark Allen, each one winning Kona 6x!!! It’s very inspiring for the insights and rivalry of these 2, and what to expect on the Big K! The next 2 books on my list are “A life without limits” by Chrissie Wellington and “I’m here to win” by Chris “MACCA” McCormack. Chrissie is coming to Miami next week and hopefully she will sign my book!

2 weeks down. Healing factor hurry! Kona is waiting for me!!!