So updates, updates! Here we go!

So with this whole Kona thing going on I have received a lot of encouragement and love from my friends and teammates (which from now on I will call FRIENDS). I mean… I cannot express with words how my teammates have supported me in this journey… I have been here in the US for 10 years now, and probably is the first time that I have seen such a group of great people that will help you and encourage you no matter what (even BEFORE the Kona thing happened!).

At first I was thinking, "oh well, another race to go solo", but my friends Ali, Mickey, Gabe and Ryan have assembled together and they are coming to cheer me on in Kona this October!!! As Mickey said "Beto, will have a family!", after she said that I had to grab my heart because it was broken into pieces! haha! Thank you guys to coming with me to Kona!!!. My friend Ricky lent me the book "Iron War", which tells the legendary battle in Kona between Dave Scott and Mark Allen, he said "it tells a lot about Kona, I'm sure you'll enjoy it", thanks Ricky! My friend Ingrid gave me an old trainer, and she said "it was from someone who raced Kona, probably it will come in handy". I just have now to figure out the missing pieces of the trainer, but it will sure come in handy! Thank you Ingrid! I feel proud to carry the huge task to race for all of you and the rest of my friends!


Right after I sprained my ankle... ON A BASEBALL GAME WTH!!!

So on other news I’m injured. Ok, don’t freak out! Although is not a joke… I sprained my ankle on Tuesday… at the baseball game! Not even training! This happens when you try to be normal! At least nothing is broken. The good news is that Kona training starts the first week of July, so until then I would be fully recovered! It majorly sucks when you are injured, I should be more careful!

Need to RICE!!!Ouchie ouchie!!! I can't wait to be back!!!