I never expected a big and important race from Nautica SoBe. I just thought that it will be a good test on the Olympic distance that awaits me in St Anthony. So yes, this was a big and important race. Definitely a race to repeat. The level of professionals was there and they even invite celebrities.

After a long walk we headed out to the swim start. It was still very dark, and only had my tinted goggles… so the tactic would be only to follow the crowd. Even thought I had a wetsuit the swim seem a little to long for me, but it was because we were going against the current (yes, I’m still struggling in the swim!).

Off the beach!

Off to T1, took out the wetsuit (first time in a race without any strippers to help!), grabbed the bike and head out. I felt comfortable maybe on the first half of the ride, but I’m currently riding with some pain. Although I’m much faster than last year,  I’m starting the run without any legs already. Probably the part that I didn’t like on the bike was when you are on the way back from the beach and get into 2nd Ave, is full of bumps!.

In T2 off to the run. Thanks Aldo for the pic!

Finally got back to the beach and into T2. When out to the run. I was expecting a 7:20ish mile pace, and although at the start of the run I was doing that number, I simply tried to keep a pace of 8:20’s.  No legs! It got hot, and I wasn’t feeling it. Last year I felt so much better during races, but in the 2 tri’s I have done so far it seems I can’t get into a competition rhythm…. So frustrating!

Almost there, keep strong! (I'm dying!)

People say I looked strong but I was literally dying and just wanted to finish haha. The team did well, although 90% of them did the classic distance and I think only 3 of us did the International distance. Glad to see everyone improving!

 Bring me water!!!

The Numbers:

Total Time: 2:41:12

Swim Time: 35:13

T1 Time: 2:19

Bike Time: 1:10:13

T2 Time: 2:10

Run Time: 51:16

28th out of 68.

 With some of the podium triathletes! Mandy, Steven and Eli!

Now 4 weeks until my shot to qualify for Nationals in St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The plan so far will be to check on my nutrition and run more. The swim I’m getting there and the bike… well I guess I will have to suck it up and endure the pain, is endurance after all! A lot of work to do!!!