First tri of the season!!! AT LAST!!! This was my first tri after Ironman. A race to test where I'm standing in terms of fitness and if I'm on track for my goal to qualify for Nationals.


I have to say that it was expected to be a quite desorganized race for being an inaugural event. No timing chips when we got there, and the swim caps where given just before the swim start. Anyways, as said... it was expected. In a certain way, I was having high hopes of making a PR and be at least top 10. I have been working hard (on my run at least... hehe) and hitting the weights,  but I know that I had started serious biking and swimming less than 4 weeks ago.


Anyways! Back to the race. The swim was nice, over the calms water of the bay, the way to transition was a bit long for a Sprint race. Got to T1 and jumped on Lightning (by the way this was Lightning INAUGURAL RACE!!!) and started to speed up. Quite a lonely ride, until I started to pass some peeps. I started to catch up on some of my teammates at the end and started to push hard on Lightning.Giving a bad example of how to do a transition

T2 and catch up my teammates Craig and Luis (usually they are faster than me but I catch up to them!). Started the run with Craig side to side and a few yards up ahead was Luis.

Getting out of T2 with Craig on my backOut of T2

Going strong

Side to side

But I knew that the final push on Lightning would cost me some legs. I was running without legs already since the beginning, and tried as hard to keep up with Craig, but less than mile and a half I had to slow down a bit and let him go. I was trusting my run, but without legs there's no much you can do.

Dying already! Had to let Craig go!

Some other guy catch up to me and we were fighting back and forward, until we saw the finish chute. I started to sprint to the end but WAIT!!! there was another turn to make in order to get to the finish line!!! I was like CRAP! Calm down!!! By now the guy was in front of me and pushing as hard to keep up. After the turn the guy started picking up the pace... if you think passing me was easy, THINK AGAIN!!! we started sprinting to the finish and maybe outran him by a nose!!!

Not so fast blue boy!You want it? FIGHT FOR IT!!!ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!This was after throwing up my heart

PHEW! And I thought a sprint would be a piece of cake! So I PR by 4min in the Sprint race. And doubled PR by 20 sec on the 5k. Now the course was cut short on the bike and run..., should I consired this a true PR?


The Numbers:

Total Time: 59:18

Swim Time: 9:05

T1 Time: 2:59

Bike Time: 25:07

T2 Time: 00:53

Run Time: 21:13

10th out of 25.


After recuperating my heart from the floorThe team did great!!! So many podiums and new triathletes!!!Great job everyone! And the dayview of Lightning!