Kicking off 2012 with a fun activity. We partner up with 12 friends to do the Ragnar Florida Keys Relay,  that involved 199 miles from Miami to Key West. If you would like to do something different, like having a little sleep, stay in a smelly truck for around 30 hours, surviving with energy bars… this is the race for you! This was so much fun!

To give you an idea, our team was called “We’re Sexy & We Know It”. Please watch our inspiration for the team name and theme.

At the start of the Relay, we're ready to roll!

Anyways, I was honored to be part of the first van. We started a little passed 11 am on Friday (we got late to our start time ;) ).  and headed off for a great adventure. I was positioned as the second runner and I will cover the following distances 4.4 miles around Coral Gables/University of Miami, 4.7 miles in the middle of the night near a swamp and 9.1 miles in the 7 mile bridge.

Waiting to start my first lap!We're sexy and we know it!At Zoo Miami, meeting with the second van!

We meet with van 2 at the Zoo Miami, and then we’re off to have something to eat and head to the Homestead Miami Speedway to wait for the second van to get there.

Night time and freezing cold we headed for our second lap. My second run was a trail run next to a dark swamp full of alligators, and the only thing I had for light was the moon. It got really dusty out there, while the other vans were passing the runners.

Catching up with the second van in exchange 18. They will be running the whole early morning hours!

Around 2am we catch up in the exchange with the second van and we finally get to shower and have some sleep (2hrs), until we headed back again for our third leg. We catch up with the sun and finally I’m headed to the part of the run that I was looking forward to do… the 7 mile bridge. Really hot and humid but very pleased with the beauty of the run, (plus I boasted to pass a lot of people here ;) ).

We're too sexy for the 7 mile bridge!My last run, the 7 mile bridgeVan 1 done, and off to Key West to wait for the rest to finish!

Got to the final exchange,  and headed to Key West to wait for the second van and finish all together! Now is time to partaaaaay!

DONE! the whole 12 person relay well and alive!Thank you all the members of "We're Sexy & We Know It!":Francisca, Kati, Diana, Caroline, Emiro, Ricky A, Ricky B, Luis, Ben, Gene and our great captain Juju! We sure need to plan for next year already!


The Numbers:

We’re Sexy and We Know It!

Time: 28:37:02

Place: 19/246


Medal that works as a bottle opener!!!