This would be the 10th anniversary of Miami Marathon & Half Marathon. The race to end up running season. This race was my first halfy, way back in 2009, and I did it in 2:18:30. I was looking forward to break the course record and PR (current PR was 2:08), with my new found Ironman powers ;) .

Craigypoo, I'm Fat, Juju, Jerry and Rierie before the race.Start Line

Race day was cloudy and humid. The race had 25,000 participants… I forgot how big marathons were.  Meet up with my teammates, did a little warm up and headed over the start line.

25,000 people!!!Here we go!

Race started 6:15 am and the sea of people began to move. Probably the first challenge I had was to keep my race pace in the bridge of the Mac Arthur causeway. I had set my Garmin to beep in order to stay in pace, which it actually pushes me to go faster or to start to hear the annoying beep of the watch, in which each time it does it says “Speed up”. Finally passed the bridge and got to South Beach, just then, the watch stopped beeping, and I knew that I was in my target speed.

It was interesting that in the race course, additionally to the water cups, they were giving these water pouches, that you would pierce with your teeth and start drinking it. It was very comfortable to be carrying them and start pouring water on your face or on the top of your head. On the other hand, some people didn’t quite know how to open this pouch and would start pouring water on other competitors.

Heading to the finish line and dying!Finish line!

Passed Miami Beach and headed to the Venetian Causeway in order to get back to  Downtown. Around mile 10, my legs were starting to burn. Once back in Downtown, it was nice to hear the people cheering but I was already running in fumes and just wanted this thing to be over. Started pushing with whatever I had left (which was not that much) Crossed the diving chutes for the Half marathon and Marathon, and a few yards before the finish line I stepped into one of the timing maps and my watch starts beeping that it was already 13.1 miles, and I was (but WHERE’s the finish line!!!). My Garmin marked 13.3 at the finish line and I completed my halfy in the target time that I was building up to.

Watch out, I ven have horns now!

The Numbers:

ING Miami Half Marathon: 1:42:58

This marked a new PR for me in the Half Marathon with 26 min from my previous PR, course record with a difference of 36 min from 2009 and finally broke the 2:00 mark for the Half Marathon!

Some foam rolling action after the race

I want to congratulate my friends and teammates who worked hard for this race, some make new PRs and even some completed their first 13.1 Race! Way to go everyone!

Congrats Tri-2-One!I have to give a speacil mention to my friend Florian, he woke up early as a pro and all the photo credits are thanks to him! Thank Flo for your support!

Thank you Flo!