Final week of Apocalyptic Bricks! Looking forward for the taper!

After a fine performance of my teammates in Escape in Miami, most of the team took it easy this week. I got benefited with a day off on Tuesday.

Wednesday was an interesting day. Coach Marcelo couldn't make it to practice, so we got our own super pro Iron Joey to led the workout. I decided to show up early as I could to the track to start early, another crazy week at work demanded my presence ASAP at my cubicle for the whole week. Supposedly my workout that day was 10x 1km, but Coach Diablo switched it to 2x (2x1Km+1x2km) + 2km afterwards. Wow! that was intense! Coach Diablo Joey reminded me that Kona's Energy Lab halfway thru the marathon, will not be forgiving as his track workout!

Finally!, my custom Tri Kit by!!! Thanks to all the sponsors helping me in this journey to Hawaii!With my awesome friend Mickey from that made my awesome custom Tri suit for Kona!

On Thursday my butt hurt. Add my back and my knee too. As Lightning is on her way to the Big Island, I had to ride on my roadie, Ale. I guess I'm now better adapted to Lightning since I didn't feel comfortable at all on Ale. To think I did Ironman Florida on her, and now I was suffering on a 27 mile ride.

Some of you know that I have been struggling on the running part, due to cramps on my tummy. Well my coach recommended me to visit a nutritionist to see if she could help. The good thing was that the nutritionist was my friend Melissa from Elemental Nutrition. She did an assessment of my nutrition overall lately. Basically the numbers were kind of surprising, on average I'm burning more than 3000 calories a day, and I'm putting on the tank just 2200 calories. I have a deficit of around 1000 calories!!! Then after doing some numbers, Melissa recommended that on October 13, I should be putting 300 calories an hour in order to survive Kona. Well... now I have work to do, is a bit unfortunately that my trial and error on nutrition is basically over. I'll try to work around with these numbers to have the the energy to do Kona!

Melissa, I really hope this is what you meant when you said I have to eat more. Actually I'm enjoying it! 

The weekend awaited me with the last long Apocalyptic Brick. Unfortunately the whole weekend was dedicated to moving from my apartment. My Coach recommended not to do anything... carrying boxes and going for a 100 mile bike ride doesn't go along really well. It was better to avoid any injury being so close to race day. Pfff... moving is so tiring!!!

Talking about race day, Thursday marked T-15 days to Ironman World Championship!.

On my next blog post I will be already on Hawaii! Stay tuned!!!