Finally I came back from Hawaii. Now I have to follow up with the blog. SO many stories to tell… let’s get started!


After a crazy week of work and moving, I kinda settled in my temporary home. I was worried that I didn’t make any of the last apocalyptic workouts on schedule before the taper. So on Monday I  swam in the morning but I decided to have my last long run that supposedly I had to do on Sunday. 

I literally ran from work to home 13 miles. I was a rainy evening which in a certain way helped. 3 miles before ending my run I was joined by Juju from and Iron Brenda. Brenda haven’t seen me in a while and she said that I looked so skinny (No news on that part! LOL). 

Since I am not getting along very well with Ale I skipped the bike on Tuesday (plus I was sure from the half marathon run on Monday) and Thursday. Wednesday had the last track workout with the team and Friday the last pool workout. Thursday I was finalizing everything and have the bags ready to fly to Hawaii on Friday after the pool workout. 

Juju drop me on the airport and I was on my way to Kona. Miami to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Kona. It was around 13 hours of travel. I had the good company of Chris “Macca” McCormack as I was reading his book "I'm here to WIN" in the flight. In the airplane from LAX to KON it was funny to see that everyone will carry some IRONMAN logo on themselves, some cool backpacks (it seems these are very popular in European races), t-shirts, visors, etc. Finally got to Kona, meet with my friends Ali and Gabe, that got there a few hours before me.

They already scouted the area, and new where some places where. So we headed down to Sports Authority because for some weird reason I lost my swimming trunks. We got them, stole some spoons from the local McDonalds, and headed down to Ali’i Drive! All tired and half sleep, we drove thru the legendary street and had a glimpse of the town. Got down to the hotel, check-in, unpacked and got to bed.

Saturday: Kona was cloudy. We finalized unpacking, went to breakfast and start scouting the hotel to see the amenities. Gabe says, “Let’s check out the gym”, so we went. We needed one of the keys of access the keys and I said I got it. A guy steps in our back waiting to get in, so I opened the door and let Ali and Gabe pass and the other guy. The guy says “Thank you”, and I said “Your welcome”, and as he is passing by I noticed that the guy is no other than the 3x Ironman World Champion and defending World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander!!! I was “keep your cool, keep your cool!!!!”. He heads for the treadmill, while I grabbed Ali and tell her, “do you know who he is right?”, in a trembling voice she says “Craaaiiig Alexandeerr”. I tell her “OMG DO SOMETHING, go talk to him!!! YOU ARE A GIRL! YOU CAN DO EEEEET!!!!”. So while Crowie is about to step on the treadmill,  I pushed Ali to him and she says in a shy voice “Hiiiiiiii, Mr Craaaaig Alexandeeeer, I’m a big faaannnn”. Crowie looks at her like she is lost or something, steps down of the treadmill and with a big welcoming smile says “Hi, well thank you”. Then Ali introduces us to Crowie, and we talked a little with him. He mentions that these past days were cloudy, but before that it has been very sunny. We asked about forecast for race day and he says, “It will be sunny, I have done this race 5 times” LOL. We went back to the room and we were OMGing the whole way. I was jumping on the bed saying “My first day in Kona and I met Crowie!!!”

Such an honor to meet 3x Ironman World Champion and defending World Champion Craig "Crowie" Alexander!!!Yes, I literally jumped on the bed after meeting Crowie! "OMG I JUST MEET CROWIE!", "OMG I JUST MEET CROWIE!", "OMG I JUST MEET CROWIE!" ,"OMG I JUST MEET CROWIE!", "OMG I JUST MEET CROWIE!" 

We went to town to finally see it in full color. Walked around Ali’i Drive, went to the Kailua Pier where the swim start is and talked to some locals. I picked up my bike and went back to the hotel.

A view of Kailua Pier. The swim start of the raceMade it to the promised land!Welcome to IRONMAN CITYPicking up Lightning! So happy to see her again! 

Sunday: It was time to catch up with our Saturday workout, so we went to do our bricks. Since we had different workouts planned I head out on my on. To my surprise the exit from the hotel was freakin hilly. I was exhausted from just getting out from the hotel. Ali’I Drive was full of triahletes running and biking, once you pass the pier, you will see that it is full of people swimming. Kona really becomes “Triathlon City” for a week. It is full of people in shape, that I would be ashamed of taking my shirt of. Even old people are freakin ripped with 6 pack and everything. These are truly the best atheltes in the world that I would be mingling with. My workout took me from the hotel to Ali’I Drive and to the Queen K and back. Got back to the hotel and ran for 30 min around the hilly surroundings of the hotel.

On the Queen K and near the entrance to the Energy Lab.Entrance to the Energy LabKAMEEEE HAMEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA!!!! 

We hit town with Gabe while Ali was resting in the hotel. Stopped to have a sneak in the Ironman Store and stopped by the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park to see some sea turtles chillin on the beach. On the evening we picked up Ali and went to the famous Lava Java restaurant, where all the triahletes mingle and is the “triathlon central”.

Triathlete specific menu at Lava Java 

Ironman Week is next!!!