Previously on the Season Finale of Road2Ironman…

On November 5th 2011 I became an Ironman and gave for ended the “Long Road to Ironman”. Came back to Miami for a well-deserved rest period and celebrations.

My coach demanded two weeks completely off of any physical activity. The second week probably is when it hit me… after around 9 months of training, all the early mornings and finally the Ironman goal completed… what should I do now? I was punched in the gut by the Ironman Blues. I was getting easily moody with the lack of physical activity, lost without any objective to follow and without anything to focus on. I thought I could focus on my personal life but after being immortal for 9 months, reality hit me… hard. The thing called “Life” started to catch up with me… it was easier to just train, eat, sleep and not to have energy to deal with the normal human activities like work, family, friends and relationships (yeah, specially this one). Me the “Invincible Ironman” was lost and going nuts! Luckily my forgotten and neglected friends helped me to get up again in these short but dark times. I'm glad to have them back :)

Turkey Trot 5k with a new PR. (3 weeks after Ironman)

Meanwhile… My body was so used to wake up early in the morning that after waking up I just laid there in bed trying to sleep again. My body asked for activity… but I just didn’t the clearance to do so. I returned slowly to train in the weekend of the 2nd rest week and little by little by the 3rd week after the IM. In this week (which was Thanksgiving week), my teammates and I did the local Turkey Trot 5k. Already a race 3 weeks after IM phew! Good thing I PR in the 5k (21min)! With the triathlon season over, we entered running season having as objective the Miami Marathon on January 29th. Although I was not happy with my Ironman Marathon time, my coach strongly suggested that I should do the training for the ½ marathon only.

During this period I have neglected the bike (knee still hurts when I ride) and the swim. I’m just focused on the run, trying to incorporate more weights in my training so I can get stronger.


On the New Season of Road2Ironman…

New year, new energies and a brand new objectives! My season is starting in 3 days with the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys! 12 of the strong and powerful are going for a 2 day adventure of running 199 miles from Miami to Key West! (and partying afterwards!)  This should be a fun event and I’m excited about it. Especially because I will be running the 7 mile bridge! Muahahaha!!!

Training is going great for Miami Half Marathon, while having a great pace group in which we’re helping each other in our long runs. Although while in training I have already broken my 13.1 time, I’m looking to really destroy it on race day.

Objectives, objectives… following the example of my teammates Juju, Mickey and Albert, I want to qualify for Nationals this year and who knows… maybe World Championships!!! I will be having the chance in St. Anthony’s Triathlon on April. Just check my race schedule on the right column.

Right now I’m in the search for a new bike. A triathlon bike that is! Some people get scared when I say I did an Ironman in a road bike, so it’s time to get serious! The candidates have been chosen, now it's final decision time!

So I’m an Ironman… what now? For 2012, I’ll stick to Olympic Distance Racing, and I'll do one Half Ironman. I want to get faster, stronger and the blog will continue my endurance adventures wherever they take me.

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2011 Triathlete year 2: Ironman, middle of the pack

2012 Triathlete year 3: Top of the pack, Road to the Podium!

Beto hopes that you had a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!!! LET'S DO THIS!!!