Finally a month has passed and is time to do the second race of the season. The Key Biscayne Trilogy 2, same course, same distance, same challenge. Although a month of difference between each race shouldn´t make a difference race wise, I tried to come back to this race pushing myself to the limit and lowering last´s month PR time of 1:08

Race morning

Pre race craziness with Tri2OneYes, we are ready to rock

Race came with a beautiful hot sunny Sunday morning. After setting up my transition area, I met with my Tri2One teammates and start to chill and joke around. A warm up small run and swim accompanied us before race start. This time I was confident on my swim than anything else since I started to swim again the previous month and I literally was feeling like a shark. The plan on the swim was to start hard and try to pass as much of the crowd before the first buoy, have a moderate pace in between and go hard again after the second buoy.

Swim outT1

Off to T1 and bike out. I think I have gotten better at the bike, but just a little bit. Last race I killed myself on the back to back bridges at the start of the bike, so now I timed myself a bit better taking the big 2 and the result was to save legs for the rest of the race. I had a speed of 21mph and tied to keep it and I kind off stick with a group that was doing the same speed. Actually I was impress with the fact that these guys were in real tribikes and I was in my adapted road bike,  I guess it is true that the bike doesn´t make the rider :) . As much as I was trying to get faster, I couldn´t. Eventually my objective is to get to 24mph, but I was burning at 21mph already. Anyway, with quads burning and hard breathing I went to T2.

Bike over the Key Biscayne Bridge

Run in an almost 100F temperature

I took more seconds on T2 becuase I lost a little time trying to get my shoes on (mental note: switch to speed laces! LOL). Run out with a ram up heart rate, so in a certain way I was trying to calm down a notch. I had full concentration on the trails in order to avoid another ankle sprain like last time and it went good. As the swim and bike the plan here was to go faster and try to break some time. The defining factor here was the heat. Running all out at almost 100F was no fun, and as I passed the water stations I was shouting to the volunteers to just throw water at me in order to cool down haha. As I came close to the finish line I was glad to hear my teammates shouting and cheering me on (this group thing is awesome!!!).

Finish in a new PR!

The Numbers:

Total Time: 01:04:38.47 
Swim Time: 7:17 
T1 Time: 0:55 
Bike Time: 29:34 
T2 Time: 1:9 
Run Time: 25:43

I cut 4 min from last month race! What a difference! As expected I did a full 2 min cut on the swim and 1 min respectively on the bike and run. Mmmm I think Im getting better at this. For the first time I got into a proudly 11th place from 36 participants... almost at top 10! I need to work even harder now!

Rusty, the triathlete dog!

On August I´m going Olympic again with a new brand race, the Miami Speed Triathlon, and I´ll try to PR again! Let´s rock!!!

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