So I'm on week 15 of my Ironman training. So here are some updates of the journey!

I have made some changes to the training since I was falling off the schedule and not meeting training goals correctly. In a certain way, the primary cause was because I was training solo. Waking up in the morning and following a schedule of training alone was probably making miss most of the training plan. Imagine going outside, a lone soul, at 6am and running or cycling for X amount of miles... SOLO. For many people it works fine that way, and I thought so that maybe I could do it too. In my case group support is really important, it's gives you a motive to continue, and you will know that at a certain spot there will be people, just like you, waiting to train together.

So I decided to get a coach with a dedicated group of people, that will help me with my IM goal. I'm expecting a lot from training with them, since it has been highly recommended and many of the comments are that people have sky-rocketed their performance. This have been roughly my second week with the group, but so far it has been great, the people are nice and welcoming plus they are crazy enough to meet each day at 5:45am (I am trying my best to get used to this schedule!, I'm normal guy... remember?) haha.

The results of this new training will come in time. I still have my AT/LT tests when I began training so it will be good to compare if I can become better with the coach.

On Saturday, I will have my first bike fit. I have done some long bike rides and have had several (never felt before) pains. Certainly I had to do it some time or another, plus if I'm thinking of being on the bike for around 7 hours, I have to make it the most comfortable experience! So far I can say that the bike fit I'm doing is using the Retul Method.

After 15 weeks, I think I'm a little bit more toned and have lost some weight although I'm still not ripped in the abdominal part (freaking skinny fat, I hate you!!). As far as injuries, my knee sometimes bothers me, but stretching after cycling/running sessions have help a lot, and I'm using a knee band for extra support. Unfortunately I started to have pains on my IT band. After some research, it was suggested to use a foam roller (which has been a great addition to my anti-injuries arsenal), some ice and even more stretching. The good thing is that they have help a lot :) .

That's it folks! Now I have to go to bed since my team is waiting for me tomorrow and I do not want to be late (again LOL)!